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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for QFX Series switches.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.


  • EVPN-VXLAN comp nh is not installed in Packet Forwarding Engine after peer reboot. PR1739686

  • After deactivating or activating GBP configuration in the MH AE scenario all tag entries not getting re-learned on leaf nodes in the ethernet-switching table resulting in traffic loss. PR1739878

  • ARP or FIB are added even if IRB in EVPN is disabled. PR1743529

  • IRB reachability issues might be observed in the EVPN-VXLAN environment when looped ARP comes on ESI-LAG. PR1743913

  • MAC addresses programming failure resulting in traffic flooding. PR1758677

General Routing

  • Minor packet drops due to hardware programming issues. PR1700927

  • The dcpfe process will crash due to memory fragmentation. PR1711860

  • QSFP-100G-LR4-T2 optics will stay down after ISSU/TISSU. PR1713010

  • The dot1x-protocol subsystem is not responding to management requests while verifying in show security mka sessions. PR1713881

  • IGMP/MLD queries might get dropped if received on a port on the backup VC member when IGMP/MLD snooping is enabled. PR1716902

  • Layer 2 Multicast traffic drops when PIM is configured without IGMP snooping enabled. PR1720527

  • Momentary traffic loss is observed when interface with local Type-1 ESI goes down. PR1722348

  • The error logs fpc0 expr_hostbound_packet_handler: Receive pe 254? would be generated. PR1725716

  • The class of service subsystem crashed after the device is restarted or the switchover is performed. PR1726124

  • The EVPN-VXLAN proxy-arp will respond with the wrong MAC when no-mac-learning is configured. PR1727119

  • On all Junos OS platforms, the l2ald process memory usage is seen to increase over time. PR1727954

  • [QFX ] debugging command show aq107 xxx on VTY might generate an error on 10GBASE-T SFP if AQ index exceeds 48. PR1728452

  • Traffic loss will be observed due to CRC errors with QSFP+-40G-ACU10M plugged. PR1729067

  • Traffic drops when any of the VXLAN VLAN is deleted. PR1731583

  • On router reboot an interface in SP style blocks all packets on family inet/inet6 interfaces if VSTP is configured on vlan-bridge encapsulated VLANs. PR1732718

  • Traffic loss is seen when lacp force-up configuration statement is configured. PR1733543

  • Online SIBs will go down due to a faulty SIB that triggers spmbpfe crash. PR1734734

  • Packet drop is observed due to SIB ASIC issue on fabric. PR1734735

  • BFD session remains stuck in INIT state on certain QFX platforms. PR1736348

  • Unexpected VLAN tagging behavior would be observed in the EVPN-VXLAN scenario. PR1736954

  • Blackholing of l3-inject traffic on QFX10000 platforms. PR1738197

  • Traffic drop observed when encapsulation ethernet-bridge is configured on the AE interface associated with VxLAN VLAN. PR1738205

  • High convergence time in the EVPN-VxLAN uplink failover scenario. PR1738276

  • VC case not handled properly while calling brcm_vxlan_port_discard_set api. PR1738404

  • An rpd crash will be observed due to inconsistency between rpd and kernel. PR1738820

  • DSCP classifier is not created on IP interfaces. PR1738981

  • The ksyncd process crash would be seen on backup Routing Engine. PR1739258

  • The loop-detect is not working in the VXLAN scenario. PR1740327

  • Traffic loss is seen due to anomalies after the recreation of IFLs. PR1740561

  • Enabling sflow triggers ddos-protection violation of protocol group resolve. PR1741461

  • SPMB process will crash and PICs will not come online. PR1742186

  • Traffic dropped is observed in the MPLS LDP scenario when the peer device MAC address is changing. PR1742364

  • Race condition where FLOOD ROUTE DEL event can cause l2ald crash. PR1742613

  • Traffic drop will be observed after extended-vni-list configuration change with EVPN-VXLAN scenario. PR1742763

  • GRE over IPv6 will not work resulting in traffic impact post-upgrading the device. PR1743978

  • BPDU Protection with packet-action drop support on QFX10002-60C. PR1745102

  • Clear error command support for QFX10002-60c. PR1746244

  • QFX10002-60c port et-0/0/30 part of a lag is dropping peer ARP reply after configuring a GRE tunnel. PR1746435

  • Soft OIR of the link connected to 10GBASE-T SFP will not update the link state at the other end. PR1747277

  • Alarm LED is lit due to LICENSE_EXPIRED on Virtual Chassis backup even with the valid license. PR1747720

  • Traffic drop will be observed when Label MPLS traffic egressing out on the IRB interface as IPV4. PR1748500

  • L3VPN traffic destined for hosts learned over IRB/VXLAN will get dropped on QFX10000 platforms. PR1750468

  • The PFE process crashed while removing and applying the firewall filters. PR1750828

  • Incorrect egress MTU errors when larger than 1500 byte packets are sent on Layer 2 ports. PR1751700

  • PIM neighborship, or other control protocols flaps due to host-bound queue (Q3) congestion. PR1753853

  • QFX: VC(virtual chassis) does not get formed when using 100G for vc port. PR1754838

  • Learning stops in logical interface in QFX10000 platforms. PR1756672

  • The dcpfe process crash will be seen when L2PT interfaces are configured with multiple protocols. PR1757329

  • The mcsnoopd cored with EVPN-MPLS and VPLS with multicast configuration. PR1758659

  • Generate an empty file whose name is secondary_vlan when executing RSI. PR1759875

  • Traffic drop will be seen when packets are sent with incorrect VLAN tag. PR1760823

  • ECMP traffic drop after the AE interface flap. PR1761887

  • LLDP neighborship will not be formed on all Junos OS devices. PR1763053

  • VPLAG information not installed correctly in hardware results in traffic flooding. PR1763116

  • BFD session detection time is higher than expected leading to traffic drop. PR1763667

  • A warning message is seen while installing a license key with an unknown feature. PR1766515

  • The PVST BPDU packet get dropped in transparent EVPN-VXLAN on the ingress PE-CE port of SP style on Junos OS QFX platforms. PR1771739

Interfaces and Chassis

  • Traffic impact will be seen with mismatched speeds on the LAG interface and member interface. PR1725168

  • High memory utilization is observed on all Junos OS platforms. PR1757801

  • Services using the management interface will be affected on all Junos OS platforms. PR1757936

Junos XML API and Scripting

  • Junos OS platform device unable to commit configuration in recovery mode. PR1717425

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • DHCP binding is not happening in EVPN VXLAN topology with DHCP stateless relay (forward-only). PR1722082


  • The rpd crash observed during RE switchover or Route Convergence. PR1747365

Platform and Infrastructure

  • The CoS rewrite rules will not be working in the EVPN with IRB scenario. PR1736890

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • Policy change to a rib-group import-policy configured with global routing-options interface-routes causes the rpd issue on all platforms with EVPN-VXLAN configuration. PR1744449

Routing Protocols

  • Memory leak observed when reconfiguring the flow routes. PR1742147

  • Route-distinguisher change leads to the route being present in rpd, but not installed in kernel/PFE. PR1746439

  • BGP multipath route is not correctly applied after changing the IGP metric. PR1754935