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Subscriber Management and Services

  • PCEF Diameter Enhancements (MX480) – Starting in Junos OS Release 23.4R1, the MX480 router supports the following enhancements to the policy and charging enforcement function (PCEF) for the diameter application:
    • Customization of Subscription-Id-Data attribute-value pair (AVP) in Credit-Control Request (CCR), sourced from the RADIUS server. The external subscription ID is activated by default.
    • Customization of Calling-Station-Id in RADIUS requests. To customize Calling-Station-Id in RADIUS requests, configure the command remote-circuit-id-format (postpend | prepend) under [edit access profile <profile-name> radius options]hierarchy level.

    • Usage monitoring through Third-Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) attribute-value pairs (AVPs) defined as diameter Gx for subscriber services using the dynamic-profile configuration.

      [See Understanding Junos Subscriber Aware Policy and Charging Enforcement Function (PCEF) and Configuring Diameter AVPs for Gx Applications.]

  • Broadband edge static framed-route for subscriber management (MX Series)—Starting in Junos OS Release 23.4R1, you can now set up static subscriber IP addresses for multiple hosts on a site as follows:

    • Enable, disable, add, update, or delete static framed routes when subscribers are not up and attach the configured static framed route when a subscriber logs in. Static framed routes are supported for IPv4 only.
    • Use the set routing-instances routing-instance routing-options access route ip command to configure and commit routes to the routing table. The routes are hidden, until the configured subscriber IP comes up.
    • Use the static-framed-route command at [edit system services subscriber-management] hierarchy level to configure the static framed-route on the Broadband Network Gateway (BNG) towards a specific subscriber. You can now use the RADIUS server only for authentication purposes.

    [See static-framed-route, access (Static Framed Routes), RADIUS-Initiated Subscriber Secure Policy Overview, and Example: Configuring HTTP Redirect Services Using a Next-Hop Method and Attaching It to a Static Interface.]