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Authentication and Access Control

  • Dynamic filter IPv6 support—Starting in Junos OS Release 23.4R1, you can install filters having destination IPv6 as a match condition. Both IPv4 and IPv6 match conditions can be specified within the same filter.

    [See User Access and Authentication Administration Guide for Junos OS .]

  • Control device access privileges with exact match configuration (ACX5448, ACX5448-M, ACX5448-D, ACX710, EX2300, EX2300-MP, EX2300-C, EX2300-VC, EX3400, EX3400-VC, EX4100-48MP, EX4100-H-12P, EX4100-H-12P-DC, EX4100-H-24P, EX4100-H-24P-DC, EX4100-H-24F, EX4100-H-24F-DC, EX4100-24MP, EX4100-48P, EX4100-48T, EX4100-24P, EX4100-24T, EX4100-F-48P, EX4100-F-24P, EX4100-F-48T, EX4100-F-24T, EX4100-F-12P, EX4100-F-12T, EX4300-MP, EX4300VC, EX4400-24MP, EX4400-24P, EX4400-24T, EX4400-24X, EX4400-48F, EX4400-48MP, EX4400-48P, EX4400-48T, EX4600-VC, EX4650, EX4650-48Y-VC, EX9204, EX9208, EX9214, MX204, MX240, MX304, MX480, MX960, MX10003, MX10004, MX10008, MX10016, MX2008, MX2010, MX2020, QFX10002-60C, QFX10002, QFX10008, and QFX10016)—Starting in Junos OS Release 23.4R1, you can configure access privileges for login classes by allowing or denying full hierarchy strings with the allow-configuration-exact-match and deny-configuration-exact-match configuration options. The exact match configuration enables you to set separate permissions for set, delete, activate, or deactivate operators for any hierarchy.

    The allow-configuration-exact-match and deny-configuration-exact-match configuration options support full hierarchy strings as well as wildcard characters and regular expressions.

    [See Understanding Exact Match Access Privileges for Login Classes.]