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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for ACX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • Delegated BFD sessions configured on routing-instance may fail to come up.

  • dc-pfe: HEAP malloc(0) detected! when a VPLS instance is deactivated in ACX5048. PR1692400

  • Traffic loss is more than expected with OSPF TI-LFA node- protection enabled and the primary path is down. PR1695292

  • Link is not going down physically while disabling the l2circuit configured interface on Junos based ACX5448 platform. PR1703935

  • Traffic drops seen after making COS configuration change on ACX710. PR1704589

  • L2VPN traffic is dropped as the default MTU is less by 4 bytes. PR1707932

  • L3VPN traffic loss and PFE errors can be seen after an LSP Flap. PR1719507

  • The Forwarding Engine Board (FEB 0) crashes and impacts traffic when the L2circuit IGP primary path port is down. PR1720827

  • [ACX5048] L2circuit might drop forwarding traffic after flaps although it's in UP state; acx_rt_ccc_eth_vpws_vpn_uni_port_add:UNI VPWS port_add failed AC-IFL: <> VPN: <> (-15:Invalid configuration). PR1726711

  • A panic reboot will be observed due to deadlock on VMhost platforms. PR1727985

  • We may encounter jdhcpd core during initialization. The core in rare, and there is no service impact because of this core (as the process recovers immediately). PR1730717

  • Traffic drops on certain ACX platforms after it is upgraded. PR1731081

  • EVPN instance traffic will be dropped when hierarchical-scheduler is enabled on the CE interface. PR1732124

  • The IPv4 classification and EXP remarking might not work as expected in the IP-MPLS scenario. PR1732509

  • After issuing clear vpls mac table command preceded with clear mpls statistics command execution on ACX routers, traffic loss is observed with the failed error message. PR1734600

  • The command "show interfaces diagnostics optics" shows Tx laser as enabled even when the port is administratively down. PR1735670
  • Crash on all Junos VMhost platforms due to deadlock panic. PR1735843

  • Traffic loss in ACX710 and ACX5448 on any-mpls unicast nexthop protocol configuration. PR1742960

  • Traffic impact is observed on Junos MX platforms due to the chassisd crash. PR1745442

  • The chassis clock status should not move to "holdover" while switching between PTP path alone. PR1745604

  • Link remains down after upgrading Junos image or changing the interface speed on Junos based ACX5448 platform. PR1775279

  • EVPN type-5 doesn't work properly when route resolution is performed with preserve-nexthop-hierarchy enabled. PR1746964

  • QSFP interfaces show additional flap during PFE bringup. PR1747140

  • The memory consumption increases due to memory leak. PR1747992

  • Interfaces fail to come online post upgrade. PR1750814

  • The rewrite rule stops working when classifier is attached to wildcard IFL. PR1753411

  • ACX:CoS: Default ieee-8021p classifier not working for UNI interface for L2 services. PR1756150

  • Interface flaps leading to PFE crash due to FPC heap corruption. PR1764083

  • LACP packets are not forwarded after the reboot. PR1765478

  • On ACX710/5448 with hierarchical-scheduler on CE interfaces EVPN ETREE Leaf to LEAF communication is allowed. PR1765486

  • For FRR local repair functionality with unilist of unicast next hops( LSP with link protection) does not work when the link is recovered after a failover, there is a mismatch in the unilist next hop entry between Kernel and PFE. PR1770491

  • EVO(EVPN Fabric): DHCP packets are getting relayed even after deleting the dhcp relay configuration from the leaf. PR1775275

  • RE CPLD firmware version displayed in ACX5448 is corrected. PR1776650

  • Junos OS and Junos OS Evolved: Impact of Terrapin SSH Attack (CVE-2023-48795). PR1781732

  • TCP window scaling may be not applied to the first TCP packet sent to the client after the three-way handshake, leading to unnecessary segmentation. PR1761242

  • SyncE clock get stuck in 'none' or 'abort' state and impact PTP performance. PR1783632

Interfaces and Chassis

  • The interface speed gets set to a lower speed when the interface is disabled and enabled because renegotiation of the interfaces happens at the previously negotiated speed. PR1714267


  • The rpd process crash is observed when RSVP LSP at Juniper transit/ingress router receives RESV message with RESVCONF object in multi vendor deployment. PR1723229