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Open Issues

Learn about open issues in this release for ACX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • VXLAN VNI (multicast learning) scaling on QFX5110 traffic issue is seen from VXLAN tunnel to Layer 2 interface. PR1462548

  • In VPLS MH cases, the standby UNI ifl in backup router will be programmed in disable state, by adding the UNI interface to invalid vpn id in HW. During switch over the UNI ifl will be deleted and will be added under the VPLS instance VPN id. In issue case, UNI interface added under invalid VPN id in backup router is tried to deleted by passing the VPLS instance vpn id, causing the issue. This issue is applicable only for ACX5k series. PR1665178

  • When there are more than 1 dhcp server connected to the device and zeroize in initiated then multiple route are added and the file server is not reachable after the zeroize if it is not reachable through the default route.PR1675011

  • Reserved buffers may be shown as 0. But internally reserved buffers do get used to queue and transmit traffic on the queue.PR1689183

  • The AE stats may show 0 bps for Output traffic. It is a CLI output display issue. It will be fixed in the future releases. It does not impact the traffic output.PR1689185

  • FIPS mode is not supported in this release for SRXSME devices.PR1697999

  • On ACX5048 and ACX5096 acting as PE (Provider End) routers, when the VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) gets switched multiple times between the primary path and backup path after some time programming fails and the software starts throwing errors. It will impact VPLS services.PR1720141

  • Release note neededPR1735425

  • On ACX1K/2K platforms, when a lo0.x filter is configured under a vrf type routing-instance, any IPv4 transit traffic that makes ARP request to generate to the CE-facing interfaces will fail in ARP resolution due to the ARP request packets are discard by lo0.x filter if no specific term to accept the IPv4 packets PR1737999

  • On ACX1K/2K/3K Platforms, MPLS load-balancing on AE (Aggregated Ethernet) interfaces with more than one member link may not work as expected after upgrading Junos to 20.1R1 or later releases. PR1739480

  • CoS:ACX5448:On a L3 interface default classifier is ipprec-compatibility, but after reboot another default classifier is taking effect - ieee8021p-default. PR1754547

  • Due to software issue with initialization sequence, the PTP encapsulation does not get applied with PTP configuration on ge interfaces. Because of this, PTP feature is impacted on ge interfaces.PR1755852

  • Some Junos releases from 21.4R3 to 22.4R3 may show Remote fault state as 'Offline' in show interface by default. PR1764243

  • On Junos ACX5448 device with SFP-T optics, speed displays incorrect in CLI when executing show interface <interface-name> CLI command will display "Unspecified" speed. Speed value will not be updated properly. There is no traffic impact. PR1764303