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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for QFX Series switches.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

  • In EVPN scenario, proxy-arp on IRB interfaces do not work as expected. PR1709007

  • The generation of the VXLAN table appears to be lost after loading configuration. PR1712805

Forwarding and Sampling

  • The device is using the MAC address of the IRB interface even after configuring static MAC for a default gateway. PR1700073

General Routing

  • JUNOS:JDI_FT_REGRESSION:PROTOCOLS:SWITCHING: INTERFACE : QFX10008:: while verifying em0 statistics interface speed is displaying in gbps instead of mbps. PR1589942

  • Traffic failure with error message Buffers are stuck on queue after removing and attaching 100G QSFP. PR1641572

  • VC members are reloading randomly. PR1671293

  • QFX10000 series platforms generates error messages constantly and IPv6 routing is not performed when configured rpf-check and inet6 on VXLAN enabled interface and trying to resolve arp ndp. PR1677422

  • DHCPv6 packets are not forwarded if it contains the trailer or extra bytes out of the IP stack. PR1688316

  • Traffic loss is observed in IP fabric when there is a change in the underlay network. PR1688323

  • There is change in show pfe vxlan nh-usage command output. PR1692596

  • The l2cpd telemetry crash might be observed when the LLDP Netconf notification from external controllers along with Netconf services configuration is present on the device. PR1695057

  • On QFX5110-VC-VCF platforms, traffic impact is seen when the firewall filter with DSCP action is enabled. PR1695820

  • Traffic forwarding fails when deleting all Layer 2 related configurations. PR1695847

  • Traffic drop is observed for the VCP ports when there is traffic congestion in the egress queues. PR1696119

  • Adding more than 256 VLANs as name tags on the same interface results in dcd crash. PR1696428

  • Assigning VNI to VLAN will cause a small number of packets lost on other VLANs on the same interface. PR1697244

  • Local multicast traffic forwarding issue can be seen on QFX5000 in EVPN-VXLAN OISM setup. PR1697614

  • Adaptive sampling will not work if the system clock is turned backward. PR1699585

  • The BFD session will remain in init or down state in the Virtual Chassis scenario. PR1701546

  • Aggregated Ethernet interface member with vlan-id-list configured not forwarding traffic. PR1701636

  • License will be deleted due to multiple FPC reboot or switchover on QFX VC scenario. PR1703200

  • High CPU utilization causes a latency or slowness issue on QFX platforms. PR1704489

  • DCPFE crashes which leads to FPC restart. PR1706515

  • The FPC crash can be seen on QFX5000 platforms during simultaneous soft and hard OIR of SFP. PR1707094

  • The spine does not reply to RS messages coming through the VXLAN tunnel in the CRB scenario. PR1707679

  • License expire error will be observed after upgrade. PR1708794

  • BFD sessions flap on QFX platforms. PR1709664

  • Ports with QSA adapter are down. PR1709817

  • VC members are split when removing and inserting em0 cable. PR1709938

  • FPC is down on QFX5000 after committing an IPv6 filter. PR1710704

  • The message fpc0 list_get_head, list has bad magic (0x0) maybe output after the commit operation is complete. PR1710776

  • The FPC will be offline after upgrading the system. PR1710855

  • No alarm is raised when PSU is inserted with different airflow directions. PR1710952

  • When a 100G transceiver is used as a VC port, the VC port will either not come up or come up as 40G. PR1711407

  • DHCPv6 packets could not be forwarded if it contains the trailer or extra bytes out of the IP stack. PR1711525

  • Traffic drop is observed in the EVPN-VXLAN scenario with Type-2 ESI tunnel. PR1711889

  • VXLAN traffic gets dropped after new Layer 3 VLANs are created. PR1712405

  • QSFP-100G-LR4-T2 optics will stay down after ISSU/TISSU. PR1713010

  • QFX5120-32C: dcpfe core observed after restart layer 2-learning process. PR1713133

  • Next-hop programming issue at Packet Forwarding Engine on Junos OS QFX10000 platforms when the member of unilist is in hold state. PR1713279

  • The member interface will not be added to the AE (aggregate Ethernet) bundle if the link-speed of the AE interface does not match that of the member. PR1713699

  • Traffic discarded after reboot. PR1714701

  • VMcore crashes in a rare scenario. PR1714785

  • Known multicast traffic is not forwarded when MLD snooping is enabled. PR1715429

  • Untagged packets get dropped while adding a layer 3 logical unit to an interface with native VLAN configured. PR1715477

  • IGML and MLD queries might get dropped if received on a non-primary Routing Engine VC member when IGMP and MLD snooping is enabled. PR1716902

  • The dcpfe process crashes on QFX5000 devices. PR1716996

  • Traffic loop is seen due to incorrect root bridge ID. PR1717267

  • Traffic egressing over the EVPN-VXLAN tunnel will drop which has aggregate Ethernet interface as underlay. PR1718528

  • ESI:FRR:L2ALD core at l2ald_vxlan_ifl_create_msg_build. PR1718534

  • The rpd core is seen in the long-running devices with EVPN enabled. PR1723832

  • Traffic loss is seen as Type 2 routes are not pushed even after withdrawing Type 5 routes. PR1723968

  • BUM (Broadcast, Unknown Unicast, and Multicast) Traffic can be dropped in some instances. PR1727054

  • The dcpfe process crash will be seen on the system. PR1721316

  • Error message %PFE-3: fpc0 Failed to get ifl for ifl index = XXX is generated when receives DHCP packet through remote VTEP. PR1721318

  • Unable to commit configs interface-mac-limit on sub-interfaces with vlan-tagging / flexible-vlan-tagging PR1723400

  • QFX10000 not bridging multicast traffic with TTL=1 on same VLAN. PR1723433

  • Packet Forwarding Engine crash is seen on Junos OS when file-logging is disabled. PR1723465

  • ECMP traffic is not being forwarded on all QFX10002 platforms after software upgrade. PR1723545

  • On QFX5000 platforms, the status of ECMP Resilient Hashing will not be displayed in output of CLI command show forwarding-options enhanced-hash-key. PR1725916

  • Delete notifications for sub-interfaces missed in gRPC telemetry. PR1726205

  • On all Junos OS platforms the l2ald process memory usage is seen to increase over time. PR1727954

  • Traffic is impacted due to high CPU and dcpfe/fxpc crash (in some cases) in EVPN-VXLAN scenario. PR1730771

  • SNMP polling Timeout due to OID ( ifInOctets.514 ). PR1732708


  • RPD(LDP) cores with configurations like BGP static routes or SR-TE routes in INET.0. PR1697498

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • Issue in committing more than 23, 4-byte AS on Junos OS platforms. PR1706143

Routing Protocols

  • The BGP graceful-shutdown community is not advertised on Junos OS platforms. PR1699633

  • The mcscnoopd process will be stuck in resync state after snooping configuration is deleted and added again immediately. PR1699784

  • The IPv4 routes learnt over a link-local BGP session not advertised ahead to other BGP peers. PR1712406

  • Unexpected behavior of bandwidth based metric for IS-IS protocol. PR1718734

  • Multiple flaps of the interface will cause the BFD session to be down. PR1725971

  • Junos OS and Junos OS Evolved: A BGP session will flap upon receipt of a specific, optional transitive attribute (CVE-2023-0026). PR1739919