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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for ACX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS Evolved defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Class of Service (CoS)

  • Duplicate code points through code-point-aliases under a classifier results in cosd crash.PR1766873


  • Traffic drop is observed in EVPN-VXLAN CRB scenario. PR1734091

General Routing

  • The commit changes do not take effect post software upgrade once the system is rebooted on Junos OS Evolved platforms PR1699699

  • ACX reports /psm/0/ hwdre/0/cm/0/ psm_mcu /psm0/psm_cml_cmd_fault even though the PSM is in working order. PR1700839

  • fibd core file is observed on Routing Engine switchover. PR1710227

  • Multiple classification and rewrite support. PR1713158

  • Occasional FPC crash and traffic loss is observed with a scaled number of FIB routes. PR1722270

  • Post-changing MC-AE mode from active-active to active-standby and vice versa causes incomplete object state and object anomalies in l2ald. PR1722626

  • /lib/systemd/system/docker.socket is marked executable logs flood after system reboot. PR1727524

  • The evo-pfemand process crashes with simultaneous interface delete and statistics retrieval. PR1732077

  • IPv6 EBGP sessions might flap or delay in neighbour establishment could be seen due to hold timer Expired Error. PR1732443

  • Getting False Alarm Optics does not support configured speed for 1G SFP-LX. PR1733956

  • Interfaces do not come up after FEB is restarts from CLI on Junos OS Evolved ACX7509 platform. PR1734506

  • The inline IPv4 BFD session flaps on Junos OS Evolved platforms when hierarchical-scheduler is set up. PR1735836

  • Control plane takes a long time to learn the multicast routes (scaled scenario).PR1736171

  • Traffic congestion on control plane in Junos OS Evolved ACX platforms. PR1736892

  • After picd restart, traffic is not recovered on MACsec enabled ports. PR1738038

  • MPLS tunnel creation failure is observed post continuous network / route churn / IGP flaps on Junos OS Evolved based ACX platforms. PR1739112

  • The PFE process crashes on Junos Evolved ACX platforms while deleting interfaces. PR1739175

  • DHCP daemon jdhcpd doesn't start in the new primary Routing Engine after GRES is performed. PR1740530

  • ACX7024: sZTP: System not bootable after request system zeroize. PR1740989

  • IFD does not not come up whenever optics is removed and inserted on all Junos OS Evolved platforms PR1742772

  • Transient multicast traffic drop on ACX Junos OS Evolved device. PR1742792

  • ACX Junos OS Evolved sends ICMP unreachable message for received DHCP (Sport67/Dport68) UDP packets. PR1743043

  • Reachability for end host fails across layer 2 circuit after enabling ECMP when the device acts as LSR. PR1743393

  • Traffic loss observed on interface using ethernet-switching interface-mode trunk. PR1745163

  • Traffic loss observed in scenario where default route is received over multiple paths with link protection.PR1747512

  • Traffic loss due to unknown multicast control packets getting dropped in non-default VRF.PR1748231

  • In ACX7509, FEB 0 gets stuck in Onlining Standby after restarting it from CLI post jack out/in. PR1748450

  • ARP dependency issue causes issues between IRB and the device. PR1751006

  • ARP and ND packets do not get resolved in vlan-based EVPN service on Junos OS Evolved ACX platforms.PR1751135

  • GL: 16xSFP56: After ungraceful removal of 16xSFP56 in slot 2,3; packet drops due to congestion seen. PR1752445

  • The pfe process crashes on Junos OS Evolved ACX7100 platforms when MACSec is enabled on an interface with unsupported port speed. PR1755883

  • Syslogs errors are seen while changing the port 32 to 4x1OG. PR1756606

  • FEB-FPC errors are seen on ACX7509 platforms after interface is admin disabled. PR1757125

  • MPLS LSP do not come up due to self ping failure on Junos OS Evolved Platforms. PR1757574

  • BFD sessions go down on BFDD restart with 1k Scale BFD configuration. PR1757649

  • Layer 2 loop can be seen on Junos OS Evolved ACX Series platforms after reboot. PR1765507

  • Traffic impact is observed after device reboot or restart of picd on Junos OS Evolved ACX7100-48L.PR1766883

  • The xinted generates syslog messages service ssh, accept: Invalid argument (errno = 22) with high CPU usage. PR1767072

  • ACX7100-32C - ifmon process 100% utilization. PR1768113

  • Unknown unicast IPv4 traffic received with UDP destination port 8503 is flooded back to source PE. PR1768729

  • IPTV traffic not forwarded to test agent. PR1771527

  • IPv6 Neighbor Discovery not working resulting in traffic loss PR1772838

  • Multipath in VRF with RIB group for route leaks does not work on Junos OS Evolved ACX Series platforms. PR1773240

  • Traffic forwarding is affected over physical interface if an user tries to configure hierarchical-scheduler configuration statement on aggregated Ethernet member interface. PR1773980

  • In the scaled L2circuit configured with L2circuit redundancy configuration, traffic drops might be observed PR1775809

  • Aggregated Ethernet load balancing issue on Junos OS Evolved ACX7000 platforms. PR1775867

  • Traffic drop for EVPN-ELAN can be seen when underlay unilist is modified. PR1776945

  • [EVO] Name resolution is not happening for 'show arp' output PR1778567

  • After swtichover with MPLS FRR with VPLS configured, it is observed that traffic to a few VPLS instances is dropped. PR1779466

  • Traffic disruption is seen when IRB is present within ERPS protected bridge domain. PR1782190

  • ACX7509 shows PLL alarms after Routing Engine switch. PR1782380

  • ACX7024 does not boot after request system zeroize. PR1783542

  • STP bridge domain or ERPS protected domain configured on the IRB interface causes traffic to be dropped.PR1784990

  • Interfaces with QSFP-100GBASE-LR4 optics might not come up after software upgrade or system reboot. PR1788848

  • The evo-pfemand process crashes on Junos OS Evolved ACX Series platforms. PR1791199

Interfaces and Chassis

  • Junos OS Evolved ACX7024 platform stops transmitting LACP packet due to memory corruption. PR1739254

  • Multiple processes crash when more than 150 VLAN entries are configured in vlan-id-list under aggregated Ethernet logical interface. PR1774222

Layer 2 Features

  • MAC learning has been rejected due to mismatch between l2ald and Packet Forwarding Engine STP index value in VPLS. PR1766991