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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for ACX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS Evolved defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • G.8273.2 PTP to PTP noise trasfer test fails for specific frequencies. PR1608786

  • Unable to appropriately failover the incoming traffic with multiple links. PR1688773

  • [jdhcpd] multiple dhcp release packets sent to the dhcp server in IRB VGA with EVPN/MLLS ERB model. PR1693625

  • The l2cpd telemetry crash is observed when the LLDP Netconf notification from external controllers along with Netconf services configuration is present on the device. PR1695057

  • System reboot related log message SYSTEM_REBOOT_EVENT might not be displayed in show log messages | match SYSTEM_REBOOT_EVENT. PR1696668

  • [timing] [ptp] Timingd core is generated with PTPoIRB configuration. PR1701122

  • ACX7509 occasionally occurrs link stuck down require reboot to recover after multiple fpc restarts .PR1701941

  • The port-mirroring or analyzer does not work on Junos OS Evolved based ACX platforms when hierarchical-scheduler is enabled on the analyzer output port.PR1703567

  • Configuration archival through FTP fails on Junos OS Evolved devices. PR1705128

  • The transit multicast traffic gets dropped on Junos Evolved ACX Series platforms. PR1705680

  • hwdfpc owned records are not exported in the Junos OS Evolved platform for FPC environment sensor. PR1706833

  • ACX7509 :We see FEB 0 si5394m_1 PLL access failure alarms and application evo-pfemand failure on node Re0 after request system application app hwdre node re0 restart. PR1708588

  • On the layer2 circuit with redundancy configured, traffic keeps dropping after the primary layer2 circuit flap. PR1709023

  • PTP lock-status stuck at (ACQUIRING) state and the downstream node does not get PTP packets. PR1712942

  • Junos OS Evolved: ACX: [Error] RT : Cleaning up 1 acks without processing. PR1713005

  • ACX7100-32C EVO: Router Does not reply to RS message with VXLAN. PR1720541

  • Occasional FPC crash and traffic loss is observed with scaled number of FIB routes. PR1722270

  • 400 G interface with ZRM optics does not come up with 2*100 G or 1*100G channelization on ACX7100.PR1725113

  • Getting false alarm Optics does not support configured speed for 1G SFP-LX.PR1733956

  • ACX7509: Interfaces might not come back after primary FEB is restarted (from CLI) with 1GE interfaces present. PR1734506

General Routing

  • We observe re0:rpdagent:20852:TRACE_ERR Rtsock_ERROR_MSG Function = "rpd_rtsock_dispatch", error = 7, msg = "rttable after device reboot. PR1690105

  • RPD core file is seen after the switchover. PR1694773

Platform and Infrastructure

  • RFC2544 in VRF instance [l2vpn/evpn-vpws] does not accept routing-instance value in Operational CLI. PR1696146

Routing Protocols

  • [bfd] [bfd_ospf3] ACX7100-32C :: Not all BFD sessions come up in 4K scaled sessions. PR1699085

Services Applications

  • Impaired accuracy for delay measurements using PAA. PR1697270

User Interface and Configuration

  • Test Configuration might fail even though the configuration file has valid configurations. PR1671112


  • Two-digit numbered interfaces cannot be used as protect-interfaces. PR1695075