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  • Support for IP fragmentation on FTIs (PTX Series routers)—Starting in Junos OS Evolved Release 23.2R1, you can configure the following options for fragmentation of IP packets on flexible tunnel interfaces (FTIs):

    • allow-fragmentation at the [edit interfaces fti number unit logical-unit-number tunnel encapsulation ( gre | ipip | udp )] hierarchy level. For an encapsulated (UDP/GRE/IP-IP) tunnel, enable fragmentation of GRE-encapsulated packets whose size exceeds the maximum transmission unit (MTU) value of a link that the packet passes through.

    • clear-dont-fragment-bit at the [edit interfaces fti number unit logical-unit-number family inet address] hierarchy level.

      Clear the Don’t Fragment (DF) bit on all IPv4 packets entering the (UDP/GRE/IP-in-IP) tunnel on FTI interfaces. If the encapsulated packet size exceeds the tunnel maximum transmission unit (MTU), the packet is fragmented before encapsulation.

    [See encapsulation]