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  • Hard interface shutdown when a device detects EVPN core isolation conditions (PTX10001-36MR, PTX10003, PTX10004, PTX10008, PTX10016, QFX5130-32CD, and QFX5700)—Starting in Junos OS Evolved Release 23.2R1, you can configure a device to bring associated interfaces down (hard shutdown) when the device detects an EVPN core isolation event. In the CLI:

    1. Define a service tracking profile for detecting core isolation conditions.

    2. Set the link-down service tracking action in the profile.

    3. Assign the profile to the interfaces you want the device to bring down after it detects a core isolation condition.

    We support core isolation service tracking on:

    • Links to single-homed customer edge (CE) devices.

    • Ethernet segment identifier (ESI) LAG member interfaces to multihomed CE devices.

    [See Layer 2 Interface Status Tracking and Shutdown Actions for EVPN Core Isolation Conditions, network-isolation and network-isolation-profile.]