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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for QFX Series switches.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Class of Service (CoS)

  • The congestion details will be lost as ECN bits in DSCP are cleared after VXLAN decapsulation. PR1683438


  • The kernel crash would be observed in an EVPN multi-homed scenario. PR1649234

  • In EVPN-MPLS mutihoming scenario DF election will get stuck in the preference based state. PR1662954

  • Traffic drop might be observed due to the VTEP tunnels not being established in the EVPN-VxLAN scenario. PR1700196

  • In EVPN scenario, proxy-arp on IRB interfaces do not work as expected. PR1709007

  • The generation of the VXLAN table appears to be lost after loading configuration. PR1712805

General Routing

  • The port LEDs do not light up when 40G/100G physical interfaces are up. PR1660532

  • The dc-pfe process crash is observed with PTP transparent clock on QFX platforms. PR1661602

  • The DHCP offer packets will not be sent to the clients when the DHCP relay agent is configured over type-5 EVPN. PR1664656

  • Shaping-rate is not taking 20bytes of overhead into account. PR1667879

  • EVPN multicast traffic might get impacted because of routes getting stuck in the kernel routing table (krt) queue. PR1670435

  • VC members are reloading randomly. PR1671293

  • QFX5120-48YM :: QFX-EVPN_VXLAN: ECN bits not getting copied to VXLAN tunnel header at the encap node. PR1672308

  • QFX5100 switches can report Packet Forwarding Engine syslog message ACL Unresolve DOT1Q failedin setting udf settings on unit. PR1676220

  • Interfaces with QFX-10000-30C and QFX10000-30C-M line cards will not work properly. PR1677325

  • BFD sessions will remain down in the EVPN-VxLAN scenario. PR1680757

  • LLDP neighborship fails to come up with a private VLAN configuration. PR1681614

  • System uptime display is shown in minutes instead of seconds. PR1681656

  • The dcpfe crash seen with PTP configuration on Junos OS platforms supporting boundary clock. PR1683308

  • Traffic loss is seen when MAC flaps between the MC-AE interface and the ICL interface. PR1683771

  • Licenses on the device might become invalid when the device is upgraded from a legacy licensing-based release to an Agile licensing-based release. PR1684842

  • The protocol MTU for the IRB interface is not rolled back when the MTU of the IRB or IFD interfaces is modified or deleted. PR1685406

  • JUNOS:JDI_REGRESSION:PROTOCOLS:SWITCHING:EVPN: Traffic statistics verification fails as receiving packet count exceeds specified limit in EVPN VXLAN multicast scenario. PR1685467

  • Traffic through the ICL link to MC-AE peer box gets looped back to the VTEP tunnel on QFX5000 platforms. PR1687024

  • QFX5120 will drop ingress traffic on an l2circuit configured interface on continuous flapping. PR1687257

  • VXLAN configured on access port breaks L2 connectivity with vxlan encapsulate-inner-vlan configuration statement. PR1687565

  • OVSDB certificate files are not copied from the primary to the backup. PR1687847

  • ARP resolution to the CE port having EP style aggregate Ethernet with multiple VLANs would get fail in the EVPN-VXLAN scenario. PR1687861

  • The LLDP output packets are not transmitting on the em0 interface of Junos OS and Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1688023

  • The FPC crash would be observed when the same CoS configuration is applied with wildcard for all the physical interfaces and aggregate Ethernet. PR1688455

  • On QFX10008 and QFX10016 platforms fails to detect flaps even though the remote device connected has observed flaps. PR1688993

  • [Blocker:Test] QFX10008: While verifying show ethernet-switching global-mac-count | display xml command global-mac-count is not as expected. PR1689127

  • The switch might not respond to router solicitation message in the EVPN-VXLAN scenario. PR1689925

  • Packet loss seen on the EVPN-VXLAN spine router. PR1691029

  • Traffic loss is observed when the ECMP path is IRB over AE (IPv4->MPLS). PR1693424

  • Packet Forwarding Engine crash is seen on all Junos OS QFX5000 and EX4600 platforms with L2PT configuration. PR1694076

  • dot1xd.core-tarball.0.tgz is observed in 22.1R3 at #0x009113f0 in __mem_assert(). PR1694129

  • All members of the VCF will not reboot on QFX5000 platforms. PR1694996

  • The l2cpd telemetry crash would be observed when the LLDP Netconf notification from external controllers along with Netconf services configuration is present on the device. PR1695057

  • Intra VLAN communication breaks in SP style configuration using VXLAN. PR1695058

  • BMP EOR is sent with wrong peer address causing BMP failure. PR1695320

  • On QFX5110-VC-VCF platforms, traffic impact is seen when the firewall filter with DSCP action is enabled. PR1695820

  • JUNOS_REG::QFX5110-32Q:VC:::After upgrading to Junos OS Release 20.4R3-S5.3, the dcpfe core file generates and the device becomes unstable.PR1695943

  • The BFD session might be stuck in init state on certain QFX5000 platforms. PR1696113

  • Adding more than 256 VLANs as name tags on the same interface results in dcd crash. PR1696428

  • VSTP will not work in the EVPN-VxLAN network. PR1696979

  • Assigning VNI to VLAN will cause a small number of packets lost on other VLANs on the same interface. PR1697244

  • Local multicast traffic forwarding issue can be seen on QFX5000 in EVPN-VXLAN OISM setup. PR1697614

  • Traffic drop is observed after deleting or deactivating the logical interface. PR1697827

  • PE device changes an outer tag-id in a local return environment. PR1697835

  • On QFX5000 switch, VGA is not working when SP style configuration is mixed with EP style configuration. PR1698491

  • Adaptive sampling will not work if the system clock is turned backward. PR1699585

  • Dot1x memory is spiking up even after clearing the dot1x sessions. PR1702388

  • DCPFE crashes which leads to FPC restart. PR1706515

  • The FPC crash can be seen on QFX5000 platforms during simultaneous soft and hard OIR of SFP. PR1707094

  • The spine does not reply to RS messages coming via the VXLAN tunnel in the CRB scenario. PR1707679

  • Ports with QSA adapter are down. PR1709817

  • FPC is down on QFX5000 after committing an IPv6 filter. PR1710704

  • The message fpc0 list_get_head, list has bad magic (0x0) might be output after the commit operation is complete. PR1710776

  • The qfx-5e (TVP) Junos image installation issue on certain Junos OS release on QFX5100. PR1710855

  • Traffic drop is observed in the EVPN-VXLAN scenario with Type-2 ESI tunnel. PR1711889

  • [EVPN-VXAN] L3 VLANs created with IPv4 bits disabled. PR1712405

Interfaces and Chassis

  • Management interface speed is incorrectly reported as 10G instead of 1G. PR1636668

  • The unicast traffic is dropped on QFX5100 platforms. PR1695663


  • Traffic loss might be seen in an LDP->BGP-LU stitching scenario. PR1670334

  • RPD(LDP) cores with configurations like BGP static routes or SR-TE routes in INET.0. PR1697498

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Incorrect programming of next-hop based on RVT interface hosted on MPC10E/MPC11E, LC9600, MX304 leads to traffic drops. PR1682383

  • The vmcore crash observed in low memory conditions. PR1694463

Routing Protocols

  • The InboundConvergencePending flag is set after Routing Engine switchover. PR1680360

  • The BGP auto-discovered neighborship is not formed after a reboot. PR1699233

  • The BGP graceful-shutdown community is not advertised on Junos OS and Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1699633

  • IPv4 routes learnt over a link-local BGP session not advertised ahead to other BGP peers. PR1712406