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  • Exclusive VoIP MAC address support (EX2300-MP, EX2300-C, EX2300-VC, EX3400-VC, EX4100-48MP, EX4100-24MP, EX4100-48P, EX4100-48T, EX4100-24P, EX4100-24T, EX4100-F-48P, EX4100-F-24P, EX4100-F-48T, EX4100-F-24T, EX4100-F-12P, EX4100-F-12T, EX4300-MP, EX4400-24MP, EX4400-24P, EX4400-24T, EX4400-24X, EX4400-48F, EX4400-48MP, EX4400-48P, and EX4400-48T)—Starting in Junos OS Release 23.1R1, Enhanced Layer 2 Software (ELS) access switches support learning MAC addresses for specific interfaces exclusively in the VoIP VLAN. With this feature enabled, MAC addresses for the specified interface will not be learned on a data VLAN, and any MAC adress that had been previously learned on a data VLAN will be removed.

    To configure this feature on an interface, use the voip-mac-exclusive statement at the [edit switch-options voip interface name] hierarchy level.

    [See VoIP on EX Series Switches.]