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Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

  • Additional client options from DHCP snooping (EX2300, EX2300-MP, EX2300-C, EX2300-VC, EX3400, EX3400-VC, EX4100-48MP, EX4100-24MP, EX4100-48P, EX4100-48T, EX4100-24P, EX4100-24T, EX4100-F-48P, EX4100-F-24P, EX4100-F-48T, EX4100-F-24T, EX4100-F-12P, EX4100-F-12T, EX4300-MP, EX4400-24MP, EX4400-24P, EX4400-24T, EX4400-48F, EX4400-48MP, EX4400-48P, EX4400-48T, EX4650, EX4650-48Y-VC, QFX5110, QFX5110-VC, QFX5110-VCF, QFX5120-32C, QFX5120-48T, QFX5120-48T-VC, QFX5120-48Y, QFX5120-48Y-VC, and QFX5120-48YM)—Starting in Junos OS Release 23.1R1, you can configure DHCP snooping to collect additional client options such as the hostname, server ID, and client ID. The additional client options can be used for analytics using Juniper Mist Cloud Services.

    To configure DHCP snooping to collect additional client options, use the mine-dhcp-client-options and mine-dhcpv6-client-options (for DHCPv6) configuration statements at the [edit vlans vlan-name forwarding-options dhcp-security] hierarchy level.

    To view the DHCP client options along with other binding information, use the show dhcp-security binding detail and show dhcp-security ipv6 binding detail (for DHCPv6) operational commands.

    [See dhcp-security, mine-dhcp-client-options, mine-dhcpv6-client-options, show dhcp-security binding, and show dhcp-security ipv6 binding.]