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Open Issues

Learn about open issues in this release for ACX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS Evolved defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Authentication and Access Control

  • Remote authentication through console is not supported. Local authentication through console and remote authentication through management interface is supported. This is the expected behaviour on Junos OS Evolved going forward. PR1565251


  • In order to change the flag, routing instances need to be deactivated and activated.PR1685978

General Routing

  • With multiple strict priority queues traffic is not scheduled equally between strict priority queues in some specific scenarios. PR1577035

  • G.8275.1- G.8273.2 1PPS cTE performance test might be marginally outside class-C for PTP BC on ACX7100-48L, especially for mixed speed port testing with combinations of 10G / 25G channelized ports and 100G ports. On each reboot, the 1PPS cTE measurement might be within the class-C measurement threshold, or might randomly be out of threshold by a few nanoseconds.PR1607381

  • syncE to PTP and syncE to 1pps transient response marginally fails. This happens when the servo gets the initial 100ns jump in one measurement window and the next 100ns in the next measurement window adjusting less initially. PR1611848

  • ACX7509- Ungraceful removal (OIR) of FPC or an FPC fault might result in PCIE MAJOR alarm PCI Uncorrected error on dev 0000:00:03.0 which does not get cleared. PR1620197

  • If system is fully scaled across features and firewall is also scaled, CPU consumption is more for a small window of around 5 seconds after every 18 seconds or so. Evo-pfemand collects the scaled firewall statistics for the 5 second window and other applications such as pfe-cli tries to execute commands that might fail during it. PR1629342

  • On ACX7024 ::Pseudo Wire setup and tear down rate might be low. This is due to system CPU limitation.PR1659593

  • When TCP Main and TCP remain attached together on physical interface, it is observed that improper scheduler MAP is gets configured on HQoS physical interface while schedule params modification and bindare performed on same commit. This is a sequence issue from CoSD (Routing Engine) which not guaranteed at Packet Forwarding Engine side. And this applicable for all platforms.PR1664785

  • In ACX7509, PTP does not work if we move routing network from Layer 2 to Layer 3 protocol on PTP port. PR1669128

  • In a ACX7509 system with dual Routing Engine and FEB, when there is a power fault of master FEB, a switchover should happen and backup Routing Engine and FEB takes up primary role. Post switchover, a VMCore file might be generated in the new backup Routing Engine. This failure should not impact the system uptime. Post Vmcore backup Routing Engine reboots and comes back online. PR1671198

  • The QSFP28-DD-2X100GBASE-LR4 links go down on multiple FPC restarts or system reboots due to the optics tx loss. PR1685520

  • ACX7509: G.8275.1 FPC Dpll status is incorrectly shown in timingd gencfg ptp centralized command. PR1685675

  • When set routing-options transport-class auto-create command is configured, RPD creates or deletes tables dynamically. There is a flaw in the Delete Flow, which does not delete the table from the kernel, and when the next time rpd adds the same table, the operation is stuck with EEXISTS error, as previous delete was never done. Any subsequent commit resolves this issue.PR1696199

  • On Junos OS Evolved Platforms, any UI (user interface) set (configuration, script, license) changes done post software addition are lost after the subsequent reboot.PR1699699

  • Only one virtual-gateway-v4-mac and one virtual-gateway-v6-mac is supported system wide. The v4 and v6 MAC might be same or different. PR1708967

  • ICCP connection establishment between Junos OS and Junos OS Evolved is not supported.PR1710448

  • In ACX7509, when the FEB is ungracefully jacked out first and subsequently plugged in, the newly inserted FEB does not come online after online command is issued for the newly inserted FEB. The FEB stays stuck in onlining state.PR1713885

Platform and Infrastructure

  • When using RFC2544 benchmarking within L2VPN services in routing Intances, the operational CLI to display the RFC2544 test results returns an error when the routing-instance value is used.PR1696146