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Open Issues

Learn about open issues in this release for ACX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • On WRL8 based VMHost platform (ACX6360), there is no log rotation for resild log and temperature sensor information is incorrectly written into resild log, which could result in continuous logs in resild log file. The disk usage might keep increasing due to this issue. The disk usage could be eventually full which could cause system to hang and reboot. PR1480217

  • Due to BRCM KBP issue route lookup might fail. Need to upgrade KBP to address this issue. Due to high risk KBP SDK upgrade planned for 21.1. PR1533513

  • Service MIC does not work on ACX500 running Junos 20.4 or higher. PR1569103

  • On all ACX platforms, the hosts will not receive multicast traffic when snooping is configured in a EVPN-MPLS (Ethernet Virtual Private Network - Multiprotocol Label Switching) enabled broadcast domain.PR1613462

  • Vulnerability in class-of-service (CoS) queue management. The Junos OS on the ACX2000 Series devices allows an unauthenticated network-based attacker to cause a Denial of Service (DoS). PR1637615

  • When TCP Main and TCP remaining attached together on IFD its observed that Improper Scheduler MAP is getting configured on HQoS IFD while scheduled params modification and bind performed on same commit. This is a sequence issue from CoSD(RE) which not guaranteed at Packet Forwarding Engine side. And this is applicable for all platforms. PR1664785

  • In VPLS MH cases, the standby UNI ifl in backup router will be programmed in disable state, by adding the UNI interface to invalid VPN ID in HW. During switch over the UNI ifl will be deleted and will be added under the VPLS instance VPN ID. In issue case, UNI interface added under invalid VPN ID in backup router tried to delete by passing the VPLS instance VPN ID, causing the issue. This issue is applicable only for ACX5000 Series.PR1665178

  • Reserved buffers might be shown as 0, but internally reserved buffers do get used to queue and transmit traffic on the queue. This seems to be a day one issue and will be fixed in future releases. PR1689183

  • The aggregate Ethernet statistics might show 0 bps for output traffic. It is a CLI output display issue. It will be fixed in the future releases. It does not impact the traffic output.PR1689185

  • dc-pfe: HEAP malloc(0) detected! when a VPLS instance is deactivated in ACX5048. PR1692400

  • After restart chassis-control or restart routing, sometimes the error message mentioned in the PR description are seen. PR1694997

  • Convergance time can be more than 60ms for OSPF TILFA Node protection testing.PR1695292

Interfaces and Chassis

  • In case of EVPN routing-instance, there will be an implicit bridge-domain created for VPLS route table. This BD index will be used by daemon DCD in successive commits. When igmp-snooping is enabled, mcsnoopd daemon publishes update on INET route table with BD index value 0, which is mismatching with the DCD. As a result, this might cause to flap IFLS which are part of this routing-instance on successive commits.PR1712800