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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for PTX Series.

General Routing

  • IS-IS adjacency do not come up through TCC l2circuit. PR1590387

  • On Junos OS PTX Series platforms, traffic silently drops after interface flap. PR1645488

  • BGP Sensor "/bgp-rib/afi-safis/afi-safi/ipv4-unicast/loc-rib/" not available as a 'periodic' sensor. PR1649529

  • PCS errored blocks count will increment after upgrading to Junos OS release 20.2R1 and later. PR1651526

  • IS-IS adjacency is not coming up through the Layer 2 domain. PR1663134

  • The process pfe might crash upon using some CLI commands frequently. PR1665515

  • PCS errored blocks count increments on PTX3000 and PTX5000 after Junos OS upgrade. PR1669267

  • JSD memory might leak that restarts the JSD process. PR1669426

  • Reporting-interval in show jvision sensor info is stuck at 65000 when configured reporting rate is changed from 65000 to 68000. PR1673476

  • Issue with is seen after upgrading the Junos OS in PTX5000 (i40e-NVM). PR1675177

  • The Packet Forwarding Engine process crashes from Junos OS release 21.4R1 and later on VMhost platforms. PR1681532

  • Traffic drop is seen in MACsec enabled scenario on PTX Series platforms. PR1682161

  • On PTX5000 platforms when a command is issued to power off an FPC, it gets stuck in the 'Announce Offline' state. PR1683562

  • Logical components which do not have EEPROM, return empty-string for leaves hardware-version, part-no and ID. PR1685968

  • You might observe the rpd crash when two separate next hops in rpd, map to the same next-hop-index in the kernel. PR1686211

Interfaces and Chassis

  • reth1 interface down and DCD generates a core file on node1 during test. PR1657021


  • The error severity of syslog message ted_client reset generated during commit is incorrect. PR1649565

  • Premature RSVP path error BW-Unavailable originated by PLR. PR1670638

  • The rpd crash might be observed with container LSPs. PR1672804

  • CPU utilization of rpd process might reach 100 percent while reporting LSP states to pccd if the IS-IS update churn is high. PR1673348

  • The traffic might drop when the Link State protocol with the least preference is set to active and fails the CSPF algorithm PR1677930

  • In an LDP -> BGP LU stitching scenario, Multiple LSPs will not be installed in the forwarding table, even if BGP Multipath and ECMP are enabled. PR1680574

  • In the RSVP-TE scenario, with entropy label capability is enabled during MBB issues handling Resv messages. PR1681403

Routing Protocols

  • A memory leak which will ultimately lead to an rpd crash will be observed when a peer interface flaps continuously in a Segment Routing scenario using OSPF (CVE-2023-22406). PR1659366

  • Micro BFD session state in Routing Engine remain UP even peer side session is down. PR1675921

  • The rpd crash might be seen on a system running with IGP shortcuts. PR1690231