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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for EX Series switches.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Forwarding and Sampling

  • Traffic drop seen and filter do not hit as expected for match condition traffic class with FLT option configured. PR1573350

General Routing

  • On the EX4650 device, the filter action to change VLAN does not work. PR1362609

  • DHCP traffic might be dropped when DHCP-security and RTG are enabled. PR1647209

  • EX4100: Junos Telemetry Interface FAN and power supply names do nott match with CLI. PR1648739

  • EX4100: Wrong trap generated after removal of fan0 in FPC4. PR1652388

  • EVPN-VXLAN: With EVPN type 5 and NSR configuration, a Routing Engine switchover might result in momentary traffic drop for about 2-3 seconds. PR1655052

  • The egress traffic is not tagged properly in a L2PT scenario. PR1655511

  • Filter-based forwarding filter might not work as expected. PR1656117

  • The interface might not come up on EX Series platforms. PR1656540

  • DHCP packets might get looped in a VXLAN setup. PR1657597

  • port/mac gbp tags may not be carried forward to the spine. PR1659384

  • Packet count may occasionally be 0 for some interfaces in "monitor interface traffic". PR1661617

  • LEDs on ports 0-35 are always lit on EX4400-48MP platforms. PR1662288

  • The fxpc crash might be observed with the RPF check enabled. PR1662508

  • In the EVPN-VXLAN scenario, the DHCP packets will get dropped when the DHCP relay agent is configured. PR1662524

  • SSH traffic might be affected when filter log action is used. PR1663126

  • MAC address learning failure and traffic loss might be observed on VXLAN enabled ports having native-VLAN configured. PR1663172

  • MAC addresses learned on the RTG interface are not aging out. PR1664955

  • MAC-IP bindings for IPv4 (ARP) and IPv6 (ND) may not be processed for IRB interfaces in an EVPN scenario. PR1665828

  • High numbers of PDs connected may result in high CPU utilization. PR1667564

  • Shaping-rate is not taking 20 bytes of overhead into account. PR1667879

  • MAC RADIUS authentication without restrict option updates authenticated VLAN information before client authentication. PR1668144

  • Traffic flow will be affected as interfaces will be removed from VLAN. PR1675861

  • EX4100 and EX4100-F series: Traffic would not go through on management port at link speed 10 and 100M. PR1676433

  • VLAN translation mapping gets deleted when one of the member interface removed from LAG. PR1676772

  • Aggregated Ethernet interface will receive unknown unicast traffic on FPC3 reboot of a Virtual Chassis. PR1678430

  • Firewall functions will not work as expected when egress firewall filter is configured. PR1679574

  • DHCP binding will fail for the clients (Clients connected on an aggregated Ethernet interface with 2 or more VLANs) on a VLAN where DHCP security is not configured. PR1679094

  • On EX2300 and EX3400, set system ports console log-out-on-disconnect does not allow user to log in via console. PR1680408

  • Multicast traffic loss is seen with igmp-snooping running on EX4100. PR1681478

  • EX4100-24mp/48mp/48p/48t/24p/24t: Activity LED is lit on some ports if 1G optic is inserted without link being present or up. PR1682633

  • The l2cpd process crash might be observed when disabling RSTP on an interface. PR1684072

  • Licenses on the device might become invalid when the device is upgraded from a legacy licensing-based release to an agile licensing-based release. PR1684842

  • MAC address learning might not happen on specific EX Series and QFX Series platforms. PR1685938

  • The l2ald core file seen after zeroize. PR1686097

  • On EX4100 and EX4400 platform, alarm 'PEM is not supported' might be seen. PR1690674

  • The factory default configuration does not have xe-0/2/0. PR1691174

  • Few uplink ports of EX2300-48MP are not coming up. PR1692579

  • The dot1x reauthentication will not work for a port with VoIP VLAN. PR1693640

  • On a PVLAN with DAI ARP packets will be forwarded between isolated ports. PR1694800

  • The dot1x authentication will not be enabled on interfaces with specific configuration combination. PR1696906

  • Dot1x authentication do not occur with EVPN VXLAN end-to-end configuration. PR1697995


  • The auxliary serial port (of type USB-C on the front panel) does not show any output. PR1616315

  • On EX4100, if a live vmcore is attempted to be created, the DUT might get stuck and reboot. PR1656625

  • On EX4400 upgrade fails when upgrading through a USB drive. PR1681783

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • phone-home and SZTP may fail if phone-home daemon restarts. PR1693124

Network Management and Monitoring

  • Observed memory leak in eventd leak during GRES. PR1602536

  • The "snmpd" process might crash if SNMP timeout occur. PR1666548

Platform and Infrastructure

  • On EX4300 platform, high CPU is seen with generation of log message "/kernel: %KERN-3: i802_3_slow_recv_input:oam/esmc PDU dropped". PR1661332

  • EX9000 and MX Series platforms do not relay a DHCP offer with a broadcast flag under EVPN-VXLAN scenario. PR1670923

  • The fxpc process might crash on EX4300 and EX4300-VC platforms. PR1675977

Routing Protocols

  • High CPU will be seen due to frequent triggering of SPF for IS-IS. PR1667575

User Interface and Configuration

  • Commit and commit check fails when the interface-range statement is configured. PR1656565

Virtual Chassis

  • On Junos OS EX4600, EX4650, and QFX5000 Virtual Chassis platforms, line card might be disconnected from Virtual Chassis post master Routing Engine reboot. PR1669241