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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for ACX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Class of Service

  • The default code-point aliases and respective CoS value Bit patterns are inconsistent with Junos OS. PR1667404


  • Junos OS and Junos OS Evolved: RPD core upon receipt of a specific EVPN route by a BGP route reflector in an EVPN environment (CVE-2022-22219). PR1675054

General Routing

  • The Layer 3 packets with the destination as IPv6 Link Local address will not work. PR1638642

  • If a firewall has a log action and it is applied on physical interface or lo0, the LDP cannot go up. PR1648968

  • BGP Sensor /bgp-rib/afi-safis/afi-safi/ipv4-unicast/loc-rib/ not available as a periodic sensor. PR1649529

  • HTTP(S) file download hangs over EVPN-ETREE. PR1653531

  • On ACX5448 platform, physical interfaces of FPC remain up even though it lost communication with Routing Engine. PR1659949

  • Packet count might occasionally be 0 for some interfaces in monitor interface traffic. PR1661617

  • The Layer 2 circuit backup might not get reverted to primary in rare condition. PR1661802

  • After activating EVPN-ETREE service on ACX5448 Packet Forwarding Engine might crash. PR1662686

  • The rpd core might be seen when there is a synchronization issue. PR1663050

  • Multicast upstream interface does not change to back up link when PIM neighbor is removed or flapped and causes a traffic impact. PR1663271

  • Transit traffic drop was seen for BGP-LU(Border Gateway Protocol-Labeled Unicast) prefix on ACX5448 or ACX710 when BGP-LU label routes has ECMP(Equal-Cost Multipath) forwarding path. PR1663563

  • Adding an empty interface to an aggregate Ethernet bundle causes traffic drop. PR1663651

  • FXPC core might be observed when deactivating a child memeber link from aggregate Ethernet bundle. PR1665511

  • In the SRTE scenario, sensors are wrongly populated for colored tunnel BSID routes when uncolored tunnels are enabled. PR1665943

  • Inline BFDv6 Sessions might go DOWN and stay in that state on ACX5448 and ACX710 platforms. PR1666746

  • Traffic loss is observed when the VRRP is configured over the aggregate Engine interface. PR1666853

  • On ACX710 and ACX5448 its variants Packet Forwarding Engine might crash due to configuration of BFD. PR1667129

  • Shutting the CE interface and bringing back up causes traffic (going towards the core) drop. PR1667724

  • LLDP neighborship might fail if the chassis-id format of the LLDP packet is xx:xx:xx:XX:XX:xx. PR1669677

  • Chassis alarms for smart errors not set or cleared. PR1669968

  • ACX710 : Log related to resources reported after EVPN RI are deactivated / activated multiple times : ACX_BD_ERR: dnx_bd_alloc_l2_svlan: System reached L3 IFL and BD limit(12286). PR1670683

  • MX-SPC3 PIC core dump is seen when a CPCD service is modified. PR1675990

  • The LLDP packets will not be transmitted over Layer 2 circuit on the ACX platform. PR1678752

  • Memory leak is seen on ACX710 and ACX5448 when the core link flaps. PR1681980

  • ACX5448 : RIO DNX PFE wrongly spelled as QUMARN instead of Qumran. PR1682819

  • The traffic drop would be observed with inter-vlan configuration when deactivating and activating the EVPN routing instance. PR1683321

  • On the ACX710 device, the IEEE 802.1p priority and DEI values in the locally generated VLAN-based IP packets might be changed when sourced from the IRB interface. PR1683770

  • ACX5448:ACX710 Layer 2 circuit traffic drop with control-word enabled or control-word configuration change. PR1683900

  • Auto-mdix is not working in ACX710 devices. PR1685431

  • [acx710-22.4]: Mc-lag down in odin post bringup. PR1688958

  • EVPN traffic is classfied in the wrong queue. PR1689604

  • Packet forwarding fails on specific ACX Junos OS platforms due to flapping of core interface member link in the MPLS-EVPN environment. PR1690590

Network Management and Monitoring

  • The snmpd core might be observed with filter-duplicates configuration. PR1669510

Routing Protocols

  • Ipv6 inline BFD sessions are down when neighbor is not resolved. PR1650677

  • Routing Process Daemon (rpd) crashes and restarts when a specific timing condition is hit with BGP configuration. PR1659441

  • MCSNOOPD will be restarted and will again learn the states after core. PR1672488

  • The process rpd (route process daemon) crashes with BGP VPN (Border gateway protocol - Virtual Private Network) configuration, while ebgp (external bgp) routes exported into ibgp (internal bgp) core with vrf (virtual route forward) configured. PR1675893

User Interface and Configuration

  • Commit failure when changing BGP well-known community attributes. PR1669375