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Routing Protocols

  • Support for bootstrapping route-validation database from a local file (cRPD, JRR200, MX204, PTX10008, and QFX10008)—Starting in Junos OS Release 22.4R1, we support the ability to read validation records from a local binary file and install into the specified named route-validation databases within RPD. This feature implements syntactic and semantic checks on the content of the file to ensure that it is a well-specified set of validation records. If the syntactic and semantic checks fail, the entire file is rejected as a source of validation records. Use the source-file statement at the [edit routing-options validation] hierarchy level to source route-validation records from a local file source. You can use the show validation source-file command to display the properties of a local validation source file.

    [See validation.]

  • MVPN feature support with sharding (cRPD, JRR200, MX2020, PTX5000, and QFX10002)—Starting in Junos OS Release 22.4R1, we support the following features:

    • Multicast virtual private network (MVPN) inactive route query from the main thread to shards

    • Extranet and auto-export support with sharding

    • Interact functions with RT-proxy client and server

    • New data structure to store the inactive route data on the main thread

    • Asynchronous route processing on the main thread

    You can use show mvpn c-multicast to display the inactive route data stored on the main thread.

    [See rib-sharding and show mvpn c-multicast .]