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Routing Protocols

  • BMP local RIB monitoring support for all RIBs with sharding (ACX Series, cRPD, PTX Series, QFX Series, and vRR)—Starting in Junos OS Release 22.4R1, you can configure a policy to monitor routing information bases also known as routing table (RIBs) of virtual routers and virtual routing and forwarding instances (VRF). You can specify two separate sets of RIBs in the BGP Monitoring Protocol (BMP), one for monitoring and the other for reporting. With this feature, BMP can filter traffic based on the routes and routing instances.

    [See BGP Monitoring Protocol, loc-rib, and rib-list.]

  • OSPF FAPM and interarea support (ACX5448, MX204, MX240, MX480, MX960, MX10003, MX10008, MX2008, MX2010, MX2020, PTX1000, and QFX10002)—Starting with Junos OS Release 22.4R1, the Flexible Algorithm Prefix Metric (FAPM) is defined to allow an optimal end-to-end path for an inter-area prefix. The Area Border Router (ABR) must include the FAPM when advertising the prefix between areas that areas reachable in that given Flex-Algorithm. When a prefix is unreachable, the ABR must not include that prefix in the Flex-Algorithm when advertising between areas. The defined FAPM provides inter-area support.

    [See Understanding OSPF Flexible Algorithm for Segment Routing.]

    [See show ospf database, show route table, show ted database

  • Flex aIgo and FAPM leaking across IS-IS multi-instance (ACX5448, MX480, MX960, MX2010)—Starting in Junos OS Release 22.4R1, we've added support to readvertise flexible algorithm (flex algo) prefix-segment identifiers (SIDs) and Flexible Algorithm Prefix Metrics (FAPMs) across interior gateway protocol (IGP) instances. We have also added support to readvertise other protocol prefixes and assign flex algo prefix-SIDs via policy to those prefixes.