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Open Issues

Learn about open issues in this release for PTX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS Evolved defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Class of Service

  • CoS commit validation is missing for classifier when using code-point-aliases. The user can configure duplicate code-point-aliases and use them in a classifier. This will result in a cosd crash. The system can be recovered by correcting the config and applying the restart class-of-service command.PR1766873

General Routing

  • Some of the frequencies fail performance for PTP-PTP and PTP-1PPS. PR1624478

  • On all devices running Junos OS Evolved, where this is a high BGP scale with flapping route and the BGP Monitoring Protocol (BMP) collector or station is very slow, the rpd process might crash due to memory pressure. PR1635143

  • The OpenSSL project has published security advisories for multiple vulnerabilities resolved in OpenSSL. PR1661450

  • Layer 2 related daemons - lacpd, ifmand, and arpd - when patched using JSU might cause the Junos OS Evolved device to not boot up. PR1676132

  • Class B performance per G.8273.2 is supported only when FEC is enabled on both the primary and backup ports of the T-BC (default option). PR1683579

  • With sharding enabled, BGP flags such as the following are not displayed on active route in show route extensive output: Accepted Multipath MultipathContrib MultiNexthop Per shard view, using show route extensive prefix rib-sharding shard-name shows these flags. PR1693207

  • Lo0 filter change might trigger parity error, when filter is changed from ISF to Non ISF or vice versa. PR1709204

  • On Junos OS Evolved platforms, the dcpfe (Dense Concentrator Packet Forwarding Engine) process crash will be observed due to memory fragmentation issue. This is a very rare case and would impact traffic as due to dcpfe failure the PFE restarts, so the interfaces will flap.PR1711860

  • On all Junos OS Evolved platforms, mustd process crash happens when installing the license key before upgrading the device. PR1716441

  • We might encounter jdhcpd core during initialization. The core in rare, and there is no service impact because of this core (as the process recovers immediately). PR1730717

  • On all Junos OS Evolved platforms, VMcores are seen when MACsec (Media Access Control Security) key-chains and BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) configurations are applied through Netconf. PR1732611

  • With a two-color policer configured on aggregate Ethernet interfaces, the queue-counters-trans-bytes-rate counter might display an incorrect value. PR1735087

  • On PTX1010004, PTX10008, and PTX10016 Junos OS Evolved platforms, BITS port LED color of Physical / CLI show chassis synchronization extensive/ MIB jnxLEDState do not match. PR1738022

  • On PTX10008, PTX10016 and PTX10004 platforms, the Routing Engine mated on the Control Board are one FRU (Field Replaceable Unit). Upon Routing-Engine replacement the Control-board might be stuck in state 'Present' while the Routing Engine is fully operational and online. To get the Control Board back online, execute the following command request chassis cb slot <slot> online. PR1747567

  • Since Junos OS Evolved version 22.2R1 and higher L2TP session ID is used for load balancing hash-key. 8 Bytes got extracted while the Session ID is 4 Byte. The other 4 bytes are from the cookie part and if this portion is random the L2TP packet flow will be balanced instead of using a single link and may cause out of order packet flow. PR1769545

  • On all Junos OS Evolved platforms, committed configuration files are not preserved post software version rollback operation. The actual configuration is not affected. PR1779593


  • A use after free vulnerability in the kernel of Juniper Networks Junos OS Evolved allows an unauthenticated, network-based attacker to cause a Denial of Service (DoS). PR1636063

Interfaces and Chassis

  • On Junos OS Evolved PTX10000 platforms, the vmcore might be seen if any component is forcefully removed from the PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) bus. PR1739142

Network Management and Monitoring

  • On Junos OS Evolved platforms, SNMP walk table (ipNetToMediaPhysAddress) is not updated when a neighbour entry is configured. PR1704878

  • This issue is a seen very rarely when jnxCos related mibs are queried at a high rate and FPCs are down or unable to respond back to the query. PR1760937

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • On all Junos OS Evolved platforms where Openconfig routing policies are configured, deleting a single prefix from prefix-list deletes all the prefixes. PR1691218

  • On all Junos OS Evolved platforms, modifying multiple firewall filters followed by the commit and use of load update to apply changes will lead to aftman crash. Traffic is not impacted as the issue is due to an invalid configuration. PR1760210

Routing Protocols

  • On all Junos OS Evolved platforms with dual Routing Engine, after back to back Graceful Routing Engine switchover (GRES) is performed, the periodic packet management process (ppmd) crash is seen. PR1702687

  • On all Junos OS Evolved platforms, when the sBFD (seamless Bidirectional Forwarding Detection) responder is configured with local-discriminator, the Loopback interface (lo0) value is set to 0 causing error messages and improper working of the sBFD responder. PR1725731