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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for PTX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS Evolved defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • PTX10003: In scaled Layer 2 network, error logs are printed for MAC Creation, mac-learning works as expected. PR1491933

  • On PTX10008 devices running Junos OS Evolved, L3VPN license warning message generated with commit check. PR1624592

  • MTS-MCAST: [PTX10003] Auto RP base verification fails with multiple RPs with same group range. PR1634982

  • On PTX10004, PTX10008, and PTX10016 Junos OS Evolved platforms, unable to clear learned IPv6 address in IPv6 neighbor table on management interface. PR1648174

  • IPv6 primary-only IP address does not move to the new primary Routing Engine after a switchover. PR1648371

  • The classification-override functionality will not work for IPv6 traffic. PR1650622

  • Sflow cannot populate extended router header or true OIF for packet traversing through ECMP in TEVRF or recovery VRF. PR1652202

  • On PTX10001-36MR devices, the 2x100G link fails to come up after swapping the ZR-M with LR4 DD module. PR1655180

  • The UEFI BIOS Key synchronization tool - efitools.service failed error message gets generated after the optics diagnostics test. PR1655537

  • GNOI rpc KillProcess not supported. PR1655652

  • Wrong transmit hardware priority for CLI priority medium-low. PR1656837

  • The rpm-postinst fails on boot. PR1657278

  • Routes in RIB and FIB table might go out of sync on all Junos OS Evolved platforms and causes a traffic impact. PR1658426

  • Soft assertions in RPD will fail during GRES. PR1660484

  • Traffic loss due to long MPLS reroute local convergence time on aggregate Ethernet flap. PR1660701

  • The network-instance name for streaming telemetry to be changed from default to DEFAULT to align with configuration stanza. PR1662999

  • Junos OS Evolved:JDI_FT_REGRESSION [PTX10003]: [AFTMAND]: cored during weekend regrerssion at jprds_encap_tunnel_tbl_cleanup (inst=inst@entry=16) at /b/release/evo/rel_222-202204270159.0/forwarding/exprplus/toolkits/zx/../jencap/paradise/jprds_encap_tunnel.c:1158. PR1663417

  • Post switchover error message is seen during pccd initialization. PR1664165

  • System shutdown might be observed for erroneous read for system temperature from the ASIC. PR1664302

  • The evo-aftmand process crash can be seen on Junos OS Evolved PTX platforms. PR1665859

  • In the SR-TE scenario, sensors are wrongly populated for colored tunnel BSID routes when uncolored tunnels are enabled. PR1665943

  • MVRP enabled trunk ports might go into blocked or designated state on Junos OS Evolved PTX Series platforms. PR1666921

  • PTX10000s running Junos OS Evolved software - SNMP GET is not returning the expected value for FPC MIBs. PR1668285

  • The hwdre and evo-pfemand applications might crash if idmd, fabtoken and hwdre are restarted immediately after a FEB offline. PR1669130

  • The rpd process restarts after generating core file. PR1669346

  • FPC restart and core is generated when re-applying or reactivating the apply-groups configuration to the interface. PR1669402

  • The process fabspoked-pfe crash might be observed while executing CLI commands for fabric statistics. PR1669435

  • PTX10008: show snmp mib walk CLI fails at jnxLED mib if SNMP mib walk is performed with multiple parallel sessions. PR1669624

  • Errors are seen on bringing SIB online. PR1669713

  • Layer 2 filters matching DMAC or Etype takes no effect on Layer 2 SP-style aggregated Ethernet interface. PR1669718

  • Multicast traffic drop might be seen on specific PTX10000 platforms. PR1669740

  • PTX10004:PTX10008:PTX10016 Junos OS Evolved : transmit-rate is not achieved on queue and traffic is dropped in oversubscription mode. PR1670859

  • Fragment frames errors are seen on the 400G interface. PR1671065

  • Default DDOS rate limit for LLDP packets is 20,000 PPS. PR1671196

  • Junos OS Evolved NSR: Do not send unreplicated message to backup during switchover. PR1671458

  • Interface will stay down after removing and reapplying configuration on Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1672445

  • JDI-RCT:EVO:PTX10004:PTX10008:PTX10016 - evo-aftmand-bt.fpc core file might be seen. PR1672512

  • The new primary Routing Engine might self-reboot after the kernel crashes on an old primary Routing Engine. PR1673306

  • Reporting-interval in show jvision sensor info is stuck at 65,000 when configured reporting rate is changed from 65,000 to 68,000. PR1673476

  • CoS drops seen for priority traffic on some PTX Series platforms. PR1673738

  • The rpd crash might be encountered on Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1674310

  • Crash is observed when many Packet Forwarding Engines go down at the same time. PR1674724

  • PTX10004 or PTX10008 PTX10016 Junos OS Evolved : LSP Link-protection takes longer time with fix of PR1662467. PR1675282

  • PTX10003 fragment-offset-except firewall match condition does not work for offset-1 value. PR1675482

  • PTX10004 or PTX10008 or PTX10016 Junos OS Evolved : jnxOperatingDRAMSize value displayed in Kilo bytes instead of Bytes. PR1675811

  • GNOI rpc statistics incorrect permission value. PR1676942

  • PTX10008 Junos OS Evolved ZTP : HTTP GET fails in downloading configuration file. PR1677231

  • Unexpected storage media comsumption caused by system application log. PR1677295

  • Disk usage monitoring and log clean up does not cover zookeeper log. PR1678880

  • Ondatra: GNMI: /components/component[name=*]/state/oper-status has duplicate entries for FPC and Routing Engine components. PR1679823

  • The gnoi-system generates core files during ping requests. PR1680004

  • Upgrading from Junos OS Evolved 22.3 to Junos OS Evolved 22.4 causes commit to fail with failed to load external entity "/var/db/scripts/import/junos.xsl. PR1680266

  • LED status on backup RCB never turns on after reboot. PR1681609

  • Junos OS Evolved PTX devices can reboot in a specific scenario. PR1682898

  • On Junos OS Evolved PTX Series device, application ZTP fails on node Re0 about one day later post system zeroize. PR1683964

  • Evo-aftmand core happens when traffic is sampled with egress Sflow. PR1685571

  • PDT: ONDATRA: Logical components which do not have EEPROM, return empty-string for leaves hardware-version, part-no and ID. PR1685968

  • [CATS]:[JDI_EVO_REG]:[COS]:queue-counters-queued-bytes-rate for network-class is not within the range with cos mru 9200 configuration. PR1691957

  • CBC-FPGA and RE-FPGA firmware upgrades fail. PR1692186

  • PTX 10004, PTX10008, PTX10016 Junos OS Evolved: Generic CM Alarm is added for triggering Packet Forwarding Engine chip initisl failure. PR1693710

  • Unnumbered BGP sessions are getting flapped. PR1697099

  • PTX10004, PTX10008, PTX10016 Junos OS Evolved: SNMP jnxLEDState mib returns 4(red) value even when BITS LED is unlit/off. PR1698919

  • Traffic loss might be seen when multicast route changes. PR1669498

  • The rpd-agent process might restart post primary-role switchover. PR1669767


  • The rpd crash would be observed when activating or deactivating the EVPN routing-instances. PR1673157


  • Traffic drop might be seen due to slow TCP reestablishment after a topology change. PR1661210

  • On Junos OS Evolved platforms, no connectivity between the default routing instance and other routing instance might happen. PR1671024

Interfaces and Chassis

  • PTX10003 - FPC : FPC wedge while doing FPC events with traffic. PR1679346

  • Unable to configure aggregate Ethernet interfaces more than 256. PR1681114

  • LLDP packet drop is seen when the physical interface (IFD) is configured with flexible-vlan-tagging. PR1689391

Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET)

  • [Ondatra] [gRIBI] Client's disconnect request using Stream.CloseSend() closing the connections. PR1667855

  • Ondatra: Modify RPC Connection TC failure with disconnect(). PR1677182


  • Premature RSVP Path Error BW-Unavailable originated by PLR. PR1670638

  • The rpd crash might be observed with container LSPs. PR1672804

  • The rpd crashes very rarely when constructing LDP trace message irrespective of enable or disable LDP traceoptions. PR1676503

  • RSVP PathTear is not encapsulated by MPLS header when bypass is used. PR1685182

Network Management and Monitoring

  • The snmpd core might be observed with filter-duplicates configuration. PR1669510

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • The lo0 egress filter with next-header option not supported. PR1672315

  • The aftmand process crash might be observed. PR1683361

Routing Protocols

  • The rpd crashes upon receiving BGP multi-nexthops inetflow route in the 21.4 software release and onward. PR1670630

  • Segment-routing might incorrectly set a pop action for paths using a Strict SPF(1) Algorithm. PR1674804

  • Label traffic will be dropped at the one-hop LSP stitching node if the packet has more than one label. PR1677567

  • RV task replication will be stuck in the NotStarted state when routing-options validation is deactivated or activated. PR1679495

User Interface and Configuration

  • FPC ungracefully restarts when cda-bt process crashes. PR1655441

  • Junos OS Evolved: syslog regex matching backslash and punctuations unable to filter output. PR1663346

  • Upgrade/downgrade/rollback to 22.2R1 will fail if system configuration-database extend-size is configured. PR1672348