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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for ACX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS Evolved defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.


  • EVPN next hops are not correctly synchronised between Routing Engine and Packet Forwarding Engine. PR1633344

General Routing

  • On all devices running Junos OS Evolved, you cannot clear or reset the disk option specified in the scheduled request node reboot command. The node reboots with the disk option last specified.PR1517596

  • In ACX7509, on multiple FPC restart, link does not come up with huge FEC errors. PR1639666

  • The command show system core-dumps routing-engine both is broken. To list the core files in the system, use show system core-dumps instead of show system core-dumps routing-engine both.

  • The classification-override functionality does not work for IPv6 traffic. PR1650622

  • The jdhcpd process might be stuck at 99% if traceoptions is enabled in high DHCP traffic scenario. PR1658087

  • Core file is seen when any invalid range of interfaces is committed in any group under dhcpv6 dhcp-local-server system services and the device is booted. For example: set system services dhcp-local-server group g1 interface ge-0/0/1.3 upto ge-0/0/1.1.PR1658327

  • The object-info anomalies reported for picd relating to pfeE while testing switchover. PR1662411

  • System shutdown might be observed for erroneous read for system temperature from the ASIC. PR1664302

  • MVRP enabled trunk ports might go into blocked or designated state on the ACX Series Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1666921

  • The hwdre and evo-pfemand applications might crash if idmd, fabtoken and hwdre are restarted immediately after a FEB offline. After crashing, the apps restart automatically and work normally. No workaround is possible for this problem.


  • Switchover caused by primary RCB power-fault might cause links to go down. After switchover, the new primary FEB sees a spurious FEB power-fault causing a primary role yield followed by a primary role acquire (because the peer RCB is power faulted). These additional two switchovers lead to the problem. PR1669162

  • Rare traffic stall in scaled scenarios on FEB offline or online. PR1669211

  • show system alarm CLI command shows Optics does not support configured speed minor alarm for few 1G optics PR1671200

  • ACX7509 HA: Backup FEB1 links down after primary FEB0 restart. PR1673274

  • Junos OS Evolved- ACX : Fixed classification on aggregated Ethernet interface does not work on system reboot or Packet Forwarding Engine restart.

    Workaround- If reboot is triggered with fixed classifier on aggregated Ethernet interface, detach and attach the fixed classifier on AE interface.


  • JDI-RCT: EVPN-VXLAN-ERB: ACX7100-32C: IPv4/IPv6 EP-Type2 intra-vni traffic fails on leaf device after loading Junos OS Evolved BO profile configurations. PR1680253

  • Junos OS Evolved upgrade from 22.3-202207011429.0-EVO to 22.4-202207270552.0-EVO causes commit to fail with failed to load external entity /var/db/scripts/import/junos.xsl. PR1680266

  • ACX7100-32C port down when configuring speed as 10g at version 22.2R1. PR1681560

  • PTP/TWAMP does not work on PM50 ports ( et-0/0/0 to et-0/0/3 on ACX7024 and all ports on ACX7100-48L) if FEC74 is enabled on that port.

    Workaround- Setting fec to fec91 or none resolves the issue. PR1684770

  • On Junos OS Evolved ACX platforms, when making changes to EVPN (Ethernet Virtual Private Network) Routing instances or Bridge-domain or single tagged Layer 3 or IRB (Layer 3/Integrated Routing and Bridging), egress traffic is impacted. PR1687260

  • ACX7509 timing PTP, does not support Routing Engine switchover. PR1690984

  • On all Junos OS Evolved platforms, when executing clear arp hostname host IP command, host IP in all the routing instances get cleared (if they exist), as against the expectation that it should be cleared only in default routing instance. If traffic is ongoing, and ARP entry for the host IP gets incorrectly cleared due to this action, some traffic drops are seen till ARP re-learning happens. It is advised to use clear arp hostname host IP vpn routing-instance | vpn name command only to obtain expected results. PR1691524

  • LACP and LLDP protocol traffic is not transparently forwarded across the CE devices. PR1692402

Interfaces and Chassis

  • LLDP packet drop is seen when the physical interface is configured with flexible-vlan-tagging. PR1689391

Platform and Infrastructure

  • On Junos OS Evolved ACX Series platforms configured with TWAMP, might crash when the TWAMP client tries to create a session with the TWAMP server. PR1667716

Services Applications

  • ACX7100: Spikes in jitter that are larger than 5 ms for UDP plugin in PAA for high bandwidth or small packet size. PR1680309

User Interface and Configuration

  • Test configuration might fail even though the configuration file has valid configurations. PR1671112