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Source Packet Routing in Networking (SPRING) or Segment Routing

  • Support for SRv6 Flexible Algorithm in TED and BGP-LS (PTX 10004)—Starting in Junos OS Evolved Release 22.4R1, we support SRv6 Flexible Algorithms (flex algo) in the traffic engineering database (TED) and BGP Link State (BGP-LS). Flexible Algorithm allows routing protocols such as IS-IS and OSPF to compute paths over a network based on user-defined parameters such as calculation-type, metrics, and constraints. Note that we cannot define flexible algorithms specifically for either SR-MPLS or SRv6. If a node is participating in a specific flex algo, that flex algo would apply to both SR-MPLS and SRv6 nodes.

    [See How to Configure Flexible Algorithms in IS-IS for Segment Routing Traffic Engineering.]

  • BGP Classful Transport (CT) support for IPv6 and Segment Routing–Traffic Engineering (SR-TE) color-only support (PTX10001-36MR, PTX10003, and PTX10008)—Starting in Junos OS Evolved Release 22.4R1, we support BGP-CT with IPv6 and BGP service-routes with a color-only mapping community. We have also enhanced the transport-class configuration statement by enabling shards to provide strict resolution without falling back on best-effort tunnels.

    [See use-transport-class.]