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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for PTX Series.

General Routing

  • The user-defined speed does not take effect on the AE interface in certain scenarios on Junos platforms. PR1649958

  • EX/QFX SNMP: jnxOperatingDescr. returns blank, but jnxOperatingState. returns value. PR1683753

  • [Paradise] Currently no alarm is raised when onchip memory exhausts on paradise based FPCs. PR1690289

  • EVO jkey path changed under protocol/isis. "isis/levels" is missing. PR1698192

  • Ports with QSA adapter are down. PR1709817

  • gNMI line card (PFE) sensor /junos/system/linecard/packet/usage/ may have packet drops (gNMI translator lookup failures). PR1711779

  • The interface does not come up or keeps flapping. PR1712007

  • FPC memory leak will cause FPC crash. PR1712076

  • Next-hop programming issue at PFE on Junos PTX and QFX10k platforms when the member of unilist is in hold state. PR1713279

  • Traffic loop is seen due to incorrect root bridge ID. PR1717267

  • Convergence delay is seen when FPC is offlined under heavy traffic and scaled scenario. PR1719956

Routing Protocols

  • The rpd process might crash when SPF is recalculated. PR1699076

  • Unexpected behavior of bandwidth based metric for IS-IS protocol. PR1718734