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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for MX Series routers.

General Routing

  • Continuous deactivate or activate of security config can lead to process restart. PR1566044

  • On backup RE during GRES, you may see "RPD_KRT_KERNEL_BAD_ROUTE: krt unsolic client. lost ifl 0 for route" warning messages. PR1612487

  • Delegated BFD sessions configured on routing-instance may fail to come up. PR1633395

  • SR-stats : Per-Interface egress and per-sid Egress sensor stats do not take MPLS label length into account in the output octet calculations. PR1646799

  • NAT session reverse traffic fails due to NAT routes getting deleted from routing instance. PR1646822

  • The user-defined speed does not take effect on the AE interface in certain scenarios on Junos OS platforms. PR1649958

  • Images older than 22.2R1S2 can be installed on RE-S-X6-128G-K. This will result in system booting to Linux prompt. PR1655935

  • Change in few fields of IKE_VPN_UP_ALARM_USER and IKE_VPN_DOWN_ALARM_USER syslogs of IKED PR1657704

  • EX4100 MACsec interface statistics of encrypted/decrypted bytes do not increment further after reaching a 40-bit limit (1099511627775). PR1658584

  • SSH non-default port configuration causes FPC offline after an upgrade to 21.4. PR1660446

  • family bridge disappeared on commit check when Network-services lan has been configured. PR1661057

  • GNF : No streaming data received for /telemetry-system/subscriptions/dynamic-subscriptions/. PR1661106

  • MPC11E temperature alarms with 400G-ZR optics. PR1663175

  • The RSVP interfaces are not streamed when removing the interface configuration. PR1667844

  • New BFD sessions will not come up on ACX5448/ACX710 due to continuous flaps PR1670684

  • MX304:: Observed spmbpfe core on RE1 when installed image on both the Routing Engines. PR1675268

  • 40G-QSFP+ flapping on MX204. PR1676005

  • PTP state moves from PA ---> ACQ state. PR1676269

  • Bgp peers status is not as expected. PR1677624

  • Traffic loss is seen with port-mirroring is enabled on AE interface in multicast downstream. PR1683192

  • EX/QFX SNMP: jnxOperatingDescr. returns blank, but jnxOperatingState. returns value. PR1683753

  • [MAP-E] PPE errors seen during deactivate/activate of partial reassembly - ZTCHIP_MQSS_CMERROR_DRD_RORD_ENG_INT_REG_CMD_FSM_STATE_ERR (0x227fa5). PR1683845

  • license-check might generate core file on MX Series routers. PR1685433

  • New CLI commands addition to support Routing Engine and Chassis power-cycle. PR1686577

  • Subscribers are not able to connect to the device after the device reboot. PR1686654

  • The pre-installed optional packages and JSUs will be lost after a VMHost rollback. PR1686825

  • The FPC crash would be observed when the same CoS configuration is applied with wildcard for all the physical interfaces and aggregated Ethernet. PR1688455

  • Packet Forwarding Engine wedge will be seen due to fast link flaps. PR1688972

  • Integration of RCP binary into the LTS19 code for Vmhost platforms. PR1689100

  • The firewall bridge filter policers (attached to aggregated Ethernet interface) are not working on all Junos OS MX Series platform with MPC10 card upon deactivate-activate a term intended to limit overall traffic PR1692070

  • A self-ping silently drops and discards the packet when fmpc process crashes in a rare scenario causing traffic loss. PR1692365

  • The fxpc core file is generated and an FPC restart results in traffic impact. PR1692993

  • PDT: ONDATRA: context deadline exceeded observed on while adding NH, IPv4. PR1693567

  • The fabspoked-pfe process crashes when a FATAL ERROR occurs in the PFE. PR1693697

  • dot1xd.core-tarball.0.tgz is observed in 22.1R3 at #0x009113f0 in __mem_assert(). PR1694129

  • The l2cpd telemetry crashes when the LLDP netconf notification from external controllers along with Netconf services configuration is present on the device. PR1695057

  • Traffic loss is seen when a MAC moves from dot1x port to non-dot1x port. PR1695771

  • Adding more than 256 VLANs as name tags on the same interface results in dcd crash. PR1696428

  • Transceiver not detected after it's unplugged and plugged in again. PR1696444

  • After a chassis power cycle the backup Routing Engine is in present state and the "Loss of communication with backup Routing Engine" alarm is seen. PR1696816

  • In the rare scenario, huge PTP time errors are introduced and propagated to the downstream devices after the chassis reboot. PR1696957

  • Time error observed on JNP10K-LC2101. PR1697167

  • The agentd process crash might crash in a telemetry scenario. PR1697986

  • Dot1x authentication failure for EVPN VXLAN enabled port. PR1697995

  • Junos OS and Junos OS Evolved: A BGP session will flap upon receipt of a specific, optional transitive attribute in version 22.3R1 (CVE-2022-22184). PR1698446

  • The mpls routing table resolving over IPv6 prefix causes traffic drop. PR1698516

  • The kernel crash can be seen in the VPLS scenario. PR1698781

  • Transit tunnels fails and remains down on all Junos OS based MX Series and SRX Series platform with IKE-NAT-ALG enabled. PR1699115

  • Output of "show chassis ethernet-switch statistics" includes 32 bit values which may overflow PR1699136

  • The rpd crash is observed when rib-sharding configured. PR1699557

  • Traffic loss is seen due to interface flap when changing speed from 10G and 1G. PR1701183

  • On Junos platforms with MS-MPC cards the IKE ALG inactivity timeout value stays fixed. PR1701305

  • Some PPPoE subscriber connection lost during Routing Engine switchover. PR1701739

  • Leaf to leaf traffic flow is observed on Junos ACX5448 platform with EVPN E-Tree configuration. PR1702615

  • License will be deleted due to multiple FPC reboot or switchover on QFX Series or MX Series VC scenario. PR1703200

  • The l2ld process will crash when an logical interface is changed to trunk mode and a new VLAN is added. PR1703226

  • The line card abruptly reboots when ISSU is performed. PR1703910

  • Routing Engine will crash when static route duplicates with an interface IP address. PR1703940

  • The next-hop is shown as unicast instead of reject even when the IPv6 neighbor is unreachable. PR1704114

  • A transit PTP packet is modified when passing through an MPC5E and MPC6G line card 100G ports part of PTP boundary/ordinary clock configuration PR1704606

  • Traffic silently drops and get discarded in the event of a link failure (Rx LOS) for 1GE-SX/LX optics. PR1705461

  • EAP authentication might not be successful with 802.1X server-fail configuration. PR1705490

  • No network reachability when enabling the routing-service knob for PPPoE subscribers over AE. PR1706446

  • VMX :: JUNOS-REG: VMX: PFE syslog tags are missing for the command help syslog "^PFE_?". PR1707504

  • QSFPs are displayed as UKNOWN after the upgrade. PR1708123

  • The inline flow monitoring is not working on Junos MX-VC platforms. PR1708485

  • Polling of jnxSubscriberPicCountTable and jnxSubscriberSlotCountTable MIBs is broken if any subscribers are terminated over ps interface. PR1709029

  • The telemetry sensor will not be created for PCE initiated SRTE. PR1709557

  • Ports with QSA adapter are down PR1709817

  • AIGP not distinguished with BGP-LU when rib-sharding is enabled. PR1710829

  • The FPC will be offline after upgrading the system. PR1710855

  • gNMI line card (PFE) sensor /junos/system/linecard/packet/usage/ may have packet drops (gNMI translator lookup failures). PR1711779

  • The interface does not come up or keeps flapping. PR1712007

  • FPC memory leak will cause FPC crash. PR1712076

  • PCT : Show Ephemeral-Configuration Instance Junos-Analytics is not giving expected output while verifying the commit operation with new configuration hierarchy openconfig-telemetry:telemetry-system. PR1712409

  • [MPC10E] If both Macsec IFL and Macsec IFD coexist on the channelized interface, enabling macsec on the Channelized IFD impacts the Macsec Traffic on other channelized IFL interface with in the same port and vice versa. PR1712554

  • The traffic is dropped while passing through VCP link on MX Series Virtual Chassis with MPC10 line card. PR1712790

  • The rpd process will crash when BMP is configured. PR1713444

  • The member interface will not be added to the AE bundle if the link-speed of the AE interface doesn't match that of the member. PR1713699

  • Unexpected load balancing of packets having GRE header. PR1713958

  • Traffic loss is seen on telemetry streaming in BGP sharding environment. PR1714087

  • PPPoE and DHCP subscriber connection on dynamic VLAN can fail on Junos OS MX Series platforms. PR1714778

  • JDI-REG: [MX480][MX2010]: IPSEC:: IPSEC Tunnels are not coming up after configuring IPSEC under Service-sets. PR1715071

  • The bbe-smgd process is seen to crash if a large scale PWHT configuration is present. PR1715410

  • Known multicast traffic is not forwarded when MLD snooping is enabled. PR1715429

  • Traffic loss is seen on RTG bound interface. PR1715518

  • The link remains down on connecting the transceiver 10GBASE-T with the serial number starting with "2P1". PR1716703

  • A 10G port on a MPC2E or MPC3E 4x10G MIC can randomly flap constantly every few seconds. PR1716766

  • set forwarding-options evpn-vxlan shared-tunnels command will not be available for EX9200 and MX Series platforms. PR1716881

  • SNMP MIB OID output shows incorrect temperature value when the device is running under negative temperature. PR1717105

  • Traffic loop is seen due to incorrect root bridge ID. PR1717267

  • In a DHCP ALQ subscriber scenario delete-binding-on-renegotiation configuration statement does not work as expected due to a synchronization error between the primary and the backup routers. PR1718342

  • The PPTP connection itself will not work when you try to establish PPTP connection along with DSLITE. PR1718840

  • Observing Major Host 1 Chassis Manager connection down Alarm. PR1719767

  • Convergence delay is seen when FPC is offlined under heavy traffic and scaled scenario. PR1719956

  • The rpd process crash will be observed while creating or updating the PCEP tunnel. PR1720031

  • The dcpfe process crash will be observed in the EVPN-VXLAN multihoming scenario. PR1721322

  • BFD session failed when configured on the loopback sub interface. PR1721714

  • PTSP subscribers are stuck in 'configured' state. PR1726136

  • Enabling disk smart-check utility on the routing-engine with Innodisk SSD raises a false positive smart error. PR1726252

  • Traffic drops with percent policer attached using list. PR1726733

  • FPC will crash when the ASIC usage is high. PR1727427

  • Traffic drops when MX Series platforms are configured with PCP and DS-lite. PR1729801

Application Layer Gateways (ALGs)

  • The PPTP connection is not stable and is lost in DS-Lite+ALG scenario. PR1715315

Authentication and Access Control

  • Connection fails are observed on Junos despite a valid auth entry. PR1692398

Class of Service (CoS)

  • While attaching TCP which has only scheduler-map to IFL , no commit error thrown. PR1688790

  • Control packets would be dropped when CoS configuration under AE wildcard IFLs gets applied to aggregated Ethernet control logical interfaces as well. PR1702836

  • The cosd process crash might be seen on all Junos OS platforms. PR1719028


  • PBB-EVPN PE cannot learn remote CE MAC address due to ARP suppression enabled. PR1529940

  • Layer3 inter-subnet routing will fail if there is no reachability for the remote IP-host route. PR1669585

  • The rpd crash would be observed when activating or deactivating the EVPN routing-instances. PR1673157

  • RPD (Routing Protocol Daemon) core is observed due to remote bgp routes being flashed as active routes. PR1692249

  • Traffic loss is seen when IPv6 entries are not refreshed and age out under the EVPN-VXLAN scenario. PR1699509

  • Traffic drop would be observed due to the VTEP tunnels not being established in the EVPN-VxLAN scenario. PR1700196

  • A config change caused a rpd core dump for the EVPN migrated instance. PR1701632

  • ARP/ND does not resolve when extended-vlan-list is configured for the specific VLAN. PR1702016

  • In EVPN scenario, proxy-arp on IRB interfaces do not work as expected. PR1709007

  • The Anycast Gateway stretched across 2 DCs over the seamless MPLS stitching DCI does not have Anycast Gateway MAC information coming from the remote DC when VLAN and VNI ids are different PR1712259

  • A high CPU consumption of mcsnoopd process is seen under IGMP-snooping configured scenario leading to its crash. PR1713508

  • Ping overlay vxlan replies Overlay-segment present even the bridge-domain has been deactivated. PR1715343

  • The rpd core is seen in the long-running devices with EVPN enabled PR1723832

Forwarding and Sampling

  • Deactivating and activating the GRES causes churn in dfwd filter addition/deletion. PR1697959

  • The device is using the MAC address of the IRB interface even after configuring static MAC for a default gateway. PR1700073

  • Firewall filter counters are not written to accounting file when interface-specific knob is used. PR1706085

General Routing

  • Observed re0:rpdagent:20852:TRACE_ERR Rtsock_ERROR_MSG Function = "rpd_rtsock_dispatch", error = 7, msg = "rttable after device reboot PR1690105

High Availability (HA) and Resiliency

  • The rpd crash will be observed when any commit is performed PR1701146


  • The next-hops entries are not cleared in some error-handling scenarios PR1677512

Interfaces and Chassis

  • The dcd core may be seen on the backup RE after GRES is disabled if targeted distributed configuration is used PR1650676

  • Node Slicing: In a rare scenario, the FPC/SLC will get stuck in the ready state after a restart PR1682271

  • Subscribers will fail to negotiate the PPP session and be unable to login post-software upgrade PR1686940

  • Incompatible/unsupported configuration is not getting validated correctly during ISSU/normal upgrade causing the traffic loss PR1692404

  • VRRP Master session on AE ifl having child links on Satellite Device stops transmission post GRES PR1697394

  • The cstm4 interface on MIC-3D-8CHOC3-4CHOC12 cannot be partitioned to more than 10 E3 interfaces PR1701875

  • FPC offline can be seen on MX-VC during the sequential upgrade PR1706268

  • JDI-REG:[VIRTUAL]:[eoam] [eoamtag] MX304 :: Not getting the expected values while verifying ['linktrace_egress_mac_address', 'linktrace_flags', 'linktrace_ingress_mac_address', 'reply_ttl'] On devices. PR1707126

  • On Junos platforms the dcd will flap the IFLs which are part of EVPN routing-instance PR1712800

  • The firmware upgradation will fail for MPC7E line card in MX-VC scenario PR1713502

  • Issue in VRRP inline adjacency whenever a master router uplink goes down on MX platforms PR1720943

Junos Fusion Provider Edge

  • The SDPD crash can be seen in Junos Fusion environment PR1679794

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • DHCP packets might not be sent to the clients when 'forward-only' is reconfigured under the routing instance PR1689005

  • A dcd process crash is observed continuously when the dhcp-service is restarted PR1698798

  • DHCPv6 client options missing in solicit messages if TLV's exceeds a certain length PR1702831

  • A jdhcpd process crash is observed on all Junos platforms PR1713619

  • The DHCPv4 relay will send two option-82 to the server and the DHCP session will not be established PR1714260


  • RSVP refcount leak and the rpd crash observed post LSP churn PR1621771

  • Traffic is not load-balanced when one of the next-hop LSP is down PR1690110

  • The rpd crash will be observed during the MPLS label block allocation PR1694648

  • The rpd process will crash when rpd is restarted PR1698889

  • The rpd core and traffic loss is observed on Junos and Junos Evolved platforms PR1701420

  • Memory leak issue in TED PR1701800

  • LDP flaps will be observed having LT interface with VLAN and LDP running between the logical-system instance and global instance PR1702220

  • Path Tear message is not forwarded by PLR to merge point which is causing data plane blackholing PR1703424

  • When LDP dual transport is enabled, LDP V4 connection id changes from dual transport v4 id to router-id when rouer-id changes. PR1706064

  • PathErr with RoutingProblem error code generated unexpectedly during dual failure local repair PR1713392

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Traffic drop seen and filter not hitting as expected for match condition traffic class with FLT option configured. PR1573350

  • JDI-RCT:M/Mx: FPC core @ jnh_call_read_index, trinity_nh_ucast_uninstall_hw. PR1636758

  • The interface on the device will go down when one or more interfaces are connected to the Advantech3260 device at another end. PR1678506

  • The traffic loss duration increases during the LSP switchover. PR1681250

  • BGP session flap with error BGP_IO_ERROR_CLOSE_SESSION. PR1685113

  • CoS memory errors are seen when "chassis traffic-manager enhanced-priority-mode" is configured. PR1687642

  • The egress rewrite-rule might not work as expected for traffic entering the aggregated Ethernet interface. PR1700860

  • Traffic is blocked on a queue when enhanced priority mode is configured. PR1704129

  • Severity reclassification of queuing ASIC XQSS and memory parity error auto recovery. PR1706494

  • The DEI bit will not be copied in the inner VLAN tag although the incoming traffic has the DEI bit set. PR1714429

  • In a rare case FPC crashes and reboots generating a core. PR1720591

  • On certain Junos OS MX Series platforms queue buffer-size temporal computation is not happening correctly. PR1726698

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • The flowd process crash is observed with the security policy updated with changing IP address related to the FQDN. PR1713576

  • Commit error will not be seen after deactivating routing-instance applied under firewall filter. PR1720389

Routing Protocols

  • The ppmd daemon memory leak might happen in the scenario where BFD authentication with ISIS is configured. PR1480648

  • Traffic loss will be seen due to delay in BGP convergence time. PR1663883

  • BGP LU Advertisements fail with the message "BGP label allocation failure: Need a gateway". PR1689904

  • Traffic blackholing is observed when removing the BGP routes take a long time to get removed from RIB. PR1695062

  • Wrong SRTE Secondary path weight makes the secondary path active in forwarding table. PR1696598

  • The rpd process might crash when SPF is recalculated. PR1699076

  • [bfd] [bfd_ospf3] ACX7100-32C :: Not all BFD sessions are coming up in 4K scaled sessions. PR1699085

  • The BGP graceful-shutdown community is not advertised on Junos/Junos Evolved platforms. PR1699633

  • Anycast PIM doesn't work when the peer has an authentication key configured for MSDP. PR1703707

  • The BGP sessions will flap after the Routing Engine switchover. PR1705938

  • OSPF routes are not getting installed after the interface is flapped. PR1705975

  • The BFD session would flap when the GRES is triggered with single-hop BFD over AE interfaces configured. PR1706018

  • A crash can be observed for 'mcsnoopd' process when the VLAN name for igmp-snooping has certain characters. PR1711153

  • IPv4 routes learnt over a link-local BGP session not advertised ahead to other BGP peers. PR1712406

  • Multipath route is not getting compute and skip the multipath eligibility check. PR1716153

  • Unexpected behavior of bandwidth based metric for IS-IS protocol. PR1718734

  • The rpd process crashes when TI-LFA is enabled. PR1719033

Services Applications

  • A stale nat-long-route entry is present in the device causing incoming packets to be dropped. PR1719216

Subscriber Access Management

  • The interim-rate under radius-options feature is not working post implementing BBE statistics performance and scale improvements. PR1695956

  • A few subscriber sessions will not be up post Routing Engine switchover. PR1697392

  • The subscriber sessions will be logged out when assigned IP addresses from Radius or AAA via framed-IP. PR1709574

  • High CPU utilization is seen on Junos OS MX Series platforms. PR1710145

  • IPv4 and IPv6 address allocation will be impacted due to changes in address pool configuration. PR1715490

User Interface and Configuration

  • gNMI GET request fails when OpenConfig is present. PR1697869


  • Routes flapping when configuration changes are applied to custom routing instance. PR1654516

  • 22.4R1:SRX_RIAD:srx5600:MN_HA:ike cookies didn't change in rekey lifetime expire cases after manual failover. PR1690921

  • Two-digit numbered interfaces cannot be used as protect-interfaces. PR1695075

  • IPsec VPNs will disconnect after ISSU. PR1696102

  • VMX :: JDI-REG:Virtual:MVPN tunnel is not synced to back up router. MPVN tunnel interface is missed in show multicast route inet instance BLACK group source-prefix output PR1710323

  • The iked process will crash when VPN tunnels parameters are not matching. PR1716092