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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for ACX Series routers.

General Routing

  • Delegated BFD sessions configured on routing-instance may fail to come up. PR1633395

  • SSH non-default port configuration causes FPC offline after an upgrade to 21.4. PR1660446

  • New BFD sessions will not come up on ACX5448/ACX710 due to continuous flaps. PR1670684

  • EX/QFX SNMP: jnxOperatingDescr. returns blank, but jnxOperatingState. returns value. PR1683753

  • Traffic blackhole during l2circuit pseudowire redundancy neighbor switchover. PR1686260

  • jdchpd core seen with dhcp-snooping persistent configuration. PR1688644

  • Integration of RCP binary into the LTS19 code for Vmhost Platforms. PR1689100

  • On ACX5448, an interface with SFP-T optic set to 100m and auto-negotiation disabled will remain down after reboot or on chassis-control restart. PR1702239

  • Leaf to leaf traffic flow is observed on Junos ACX5448 platform with EVPN E-Tree configuration. PR1702615

  • CoS rewrite rules will not work in L3VPN scenario. PR1703840

  • DHCP_RELAY- ACX7100-48L :: Getting commit error for the dhcp config commit and then it is coring with the bt jtimer_start_oneshot. PR1707690

  • The packet is not getting tagged in the VLAN-based EVPN scenario on Junos ACX platforms. PR1710668

  • Transit traffic drop is observed for the BGP-LU route prefixes with ECMP forwarding path on Junos ACX5448/ACX710 platforms. PR1712564

  • The member interface will not be added to the AE bundle if the link-speed of the AE interface doesn't match that of the member. PR1713699

  • The traffic through the AE member link will be dropped. PR1714111

  • SFP-T cannot be recognized after detecting an I2C error on ACX5448. PR1715924

  • SNMP MIB OID output showing wrong temperature value if device running under negative temperature. PR1717105

  • The multicast packets could hit the CPU/RE on ACX5448 and ACX710 platforms. PR1722277

  • Intermittent MAC move is observed in VPLS environment when ACX5448 or ACX710 is acting as a PE device. PR1722919

  • Traffic is getting discarded in PFE when forwarding-table is changed. PR1723624

Interfaces and Chassis

  • Incompatible/unsupported configuration is not getting validated correctly during ISSU/normal upgrade causing the traffic loss. PR1692404

  • On Junos platforms the dcd will flap the IFLs which are part of EVPN routing-instance. PR1712800

Routing Protocols

  • Incorrect SR-TE Secondary path weight makes the secondary path active in forwarding table. PR1696598