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Open Issues

Learn about open issues in this release for ACX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • The VXLAN VNI (mcast) scaling causes traffic issue. PR1462548

  • Due to BRCM KBP issue route lookup might fail. PR1533513

  • Service MIC does not work on ACX500 running Junos OS Release 20.4 or higher. PR1569103

  • On all Junos and Evolved platforms, the hosts will not receive multicast traffic when snooping is configured in a Ethernet Virtual Private Network - Multiprotocol Label Switching (EVPN-MPLS) enabled broadcast domain. PR1613462

  • For ACX5448, MX204 and MX2008 "VM Host-based" platforms, starting with Junos 21.4R1 or later, ssh and root login is required for copying line card image (chspmb.elf for MX2008) from Junos VM to Linux host during installation. The ssh and root login are required during installation. Use deny-password instead of deny as default root-login option under ssh config to allow internal trusted communication. Ref PR1629943

  • On Junos ACX platforms (ACX1100, ACX2100 and ACX2200) the Forwarding Engine Board (FEB) crash might occur. This might only occur when the system has encountered a dual parity error on MPLS entry memory in the hardware. There might be an impact on services when the FEB crashes, however, it returns to normal functionality after the crash.PR1632043

  • A vulnerability in class-of-service (CoS) queue management in Juniper Networks Junos OS on the ACX2000 Series devices allows an unauthenticated network-based attacker to cause a Denial of Service (DoS). Refer to for more information.PR1637615

  • In an interop scenario, when using 1G SFP Optic on PIC-2, auto-negotiation should be disabled on the peer. PR1657766

  • In VPLS MH cases, the standby UNI ifl in backup router will be programmed in disable state, by adding the UNI interface to invalid vpn id in hardware. During switch over the UNI ifl will be deleted and will be added under the VPLS instance VPN id. In issue case, UNI interface added under invalid VPN id in backup router is tried to deleted by passing the VPLS instance vpn id, causing the issue. This issue is applicable only for ACX5000 series devices.PR1665178

  • When there are more than 1 dhcp server connected to the device and zeroize in initiated then multiple route are added and the file server is not reachable after the zeroize if it is not reachable through the default route.PR1675011

  • dc-pfe: HEAP malloc(0) detected! when a VPLS instance is deactivated in ACX5048. This are informational messages. PR1692400

  • Convergance time might be more than 60ms for OSPF TILFA Node protection testing. PR1695292

  • FIPS mode is not supported in this release for SRXSME devices. PR1697999