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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for QFX Series switches.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

Chassis Clustering

  • GTP control packets might be incorrectly dropped or passed if there is more than one APN IMSI filter configured. PR1673879


  • The spine might have stale vtep entry for the ESI even though the host MAC does not get advertised by the leaf. PR1648368

  • ARP or NS response to anycast IRB might fail due to the missing MAC-IP entry. PR1650202

  • BUM traffic might be silently discarded for the ESI configured CE interface flap. PR1669811

Forwarding and Sampling

  • The jnxL2aldMacNotificationMIBObjects does not work on certain Junos OS platforms. PR1647660

Interfaces and Chassis

  • VRRP flaps between MC-LAG peers when you delete VLAN on the MC-AE interfaces. PR1579016

  • Traffic loss might be seen for the MAC addresses learned on the ICL interface. PR1639713

  • Incorrect configuration and rollback might cause issues with ARP learning between ICL interface and local MC-AE interfaces. PR1648271

  • The MAC address might be learned over the incorrect interface in the MC-AE scenario. PR1658742

Network Management and Monitoring

  • VTEP might report a high speed on the sub-interface, causing SNMP alarms. PR1651774

Platform and Infrastructure

  • On QFX10008 and QFX10016 switches, the chassisd process generates Cannot read hw.chassis.startup_time value: m error message every 5 seconds. PR1603588

  • The packet drop might be seen when packet size exceeds 9000 MTU. PR1615447

  • The BFD session might flap in a scaled scenario. PR1621976

  • The interface on the peer device might remain up even after disabling the 10G interface on the Juniper device. PR1629637

  • Multicast traffic received from an external source might not be sent to the multihomed listener interfaces. PR1631249

  • On QFX5120-48Y switches, traffic loss might be observed when there is a link flap. PR1634495

  • Routes might be slow to install in the LPM table. PR1635887

  • Multicast traffic received on the INET interface might be dropped. PR1636842

  • The Packet Forwarding Engine might crash while removing the port from a VLAN. PR1637013

  • MACsec traffic gets silently discarded when you perform a back-to-back graceful switchover. PR1637822

  • QFX5220 switches might experience system reboot or shutdown in rare cases. PR1638961

  • Traffic might get silently discarded after the interface flaps. PR1645488

  • On QFX5000 switches, an interface might be detached from LACP when you configure VLAN tagging in the EVPN-VXLAN scenario. PR1645929

  • VXLAN Tunnel termination fails due to a change in the configuration. PR1646489

  • The CLNP traffic tunneled through the EVPN-VXLAN fabric might get dropped. PR1648078

  • OSPF control packets might get dropped due to the flow check function in the interoperability case. PR1648272

  • On QFX5100 Virtual Chassis, the local-minimum-links feature does not work as expected. PR1649637

  • In the EVPN-VXLAN environment, non-VXLAN traffic might be dropped if the VXLAN and non-VXLAN traffic share the same ECMP next-hop. PR1649841

  • Traffic might be lost with the Virtual-Router. PR1650335

  • L2PT configuration on a transit switch in a Q-in-Q environment breaks L2PT. PR1650416

  • The local-bias might stop working after the device reboots. PR1651151

  • Transit traffic might get dropped and protocols might be down when you modify the firewall filters. PR1651546

  • The traffic with ether type 0X88FC might get corrupted. PR1651703

  • The inner tag (C-tag) value might get modified to zero for egress traffic when you copy the inner tag values o the outer tag (S-tag). PR1652976

  • Port might be down after inserting specific SFP. PR1653723

  • The ARP might not resolve with the native-VLAN configuration. PR1654215

  • LACP sent IN SYNC to server facing interface when core-isolation is in effect. PR1654459

  • FEC link goes down after disabling or enabling interface. PR1657534

  • TOS(DSCP+ECN) bits do not get copied from the Inner Layer 3 header to the outer VXLAN header. PR1658142

  • Valid software licenses might not be in synchronization between members in the Virtual Chassis. PR1658913

  • The multipath route might be missing when you configure multipath. PR1659255

  • The secondary PTP device does not lock the clock with the primary PTP device. PR1659453

  • Traffic might drop when a VXLAN port recovers from a failure. PR1659533

  • On QFX10000 switches, configuration of IGMP group range might result in traffic loss. PR1659732

  • MACsec session configured over the physical interface might be down when you configure a logical interface on disabled/deactivated FD. PR1660070

  • After changing the MTU on an aggregated interface along with IRB the kernel might crash. PR1660208

  • OSPF flow check function violates RFC6864. PR1660369

  • On QFX10008 or QFX10016 switches, the spmb0 Cell drops on sib 'x' pf 'x' errors gets generated without generating any alarms. PR1660699

  • CoS might not get applied on the Virtual Chassis ports. PR1660787

  • BUM traffic might loop post adding or removing EVPN-VXLAN FRR configuration. PR1662515

  • On QFX5100 and QFX5110 switches, the IPv6 ND packets might be dropped. PR1662707

  • Verification of status for the BFD session goes in to the Up state while checking the BFD session. PR1663790

  • ALB status does not get displayed in the CLI. PR1663881

  • On QFX5000 switches, duplicate packets might occur in the multihomed scenario in an EVPN-VxLAN fabric when unicast ARP packets are received. PR1665306

  • Static MACs are not programmed after reboot, resulting in floods of unicast traffic. PR1666399

  • Multihop BFD sessions might remain in the Down status in the inline mode. PR1667751

  • Shaping-rate does not take 20 bytes of overhead into account. PR1667879

  • On specific QFX5000 switches, member links might reduce their configured speed when the other side does not have auto-negotiation disabled. PR1669436

  • FPC1 gets disconnected after in-service-software-upgrade (ISSU) and before switchover while checking ISSU status. PR1669702

  • On QFX5120-48YM devices, ECN bits do not get copied to VXLAN tunnel header at the encapsulation node. PR1672308

  • VLAN translation programming gets deleted from the Packet Forwarding Engine upon deleting the a member interface for LAG. PR1676772

  • The rpd process might crash when you deactive the EVPN protocol. PR1659786

  • The dcpfe process might generate core files and FPC might crash after line card reboots or switchovers. PR1670240

  • The BFD packets drops in an EVPN-VxLAN scenario due to incorrect Layer 3 offset being set in the host path. PR1674116

Routing Protocols

  • PIM accept-remote-source command configuration removal. PR1593283

  • Routing Process Daemon (rpd) crashes and restarts when a specific timing condition is hit with BGP configuration. PR1659441

  • A policy with a policy action community configuration might not work. PR1660424

  • Packets get dropped on the Server leaf in the EVPN-VXLAN with OISM. PR1665791

  • The mcsnoopd process gets restarted and will again learn the states after core. PR1672488

  • Traffic drops due to the generation of the FPC core, which makes the system unstable. PR1678016

User Interface and Configuration

  • On QFX5120 switches, the l2ald process generates core file at ?0x0000000000676fed in l2ald_config_read_bridgedomain (insttype= optimized out>, obj=0x0, lr=0x0, rtt=0x3317010) at l2ald/l2ald_config_bd.c:2607 after loading test configurations. PR1652605

  • The gethostbyname : Host name lookup failure error message gets generated during commit. PR1673176


  • On QFX10000 switches, auto-RP goes down after some time in the NGMVPN scenario. PR1617620