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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for PTX Series.

Class of Service (CoS)

  • The default code-point aliases and respective CoS value Bit patterns are inconsistent with Junos in Junos OS Evolved. PR1667404

Interfaces and Chassis

  • The FPCs might not come online after the USB upgrade method. PR1637636

  • You might observe reth1 interface down and DCD core files on node1 during test on 22.2R2 image. PR1657021

General Routing

  • The Routing Engine goes into a fault state if you execute request node power-on CLI command while the node is powering off. PR1589737

  • /interfaces/interface/subinterfaces/subinterface/state/counters are not exported during initial sync for on-change. PR1620160

  • In some reload scenarios, config-sync failure might trigger a major alarm Application config-sync fail on node Re1. The failure might cause configuration mismatch between primary Routing Engine and backup Routing Engine. PR1629952

  • ON_CHANGE telemetry does not work for backplane-facing-capacity sensors. PR1635606

  • KRT queue entries are stuck during Routing Engine switchover when backup RPD is not yet ready. PR1641297

  • On Junos PTX/QFX platforms, silent drop of traffic might occur after interface flaps. PR1645488

  • EDAC errors might not generate alarm until you reboot the FPC.PR1646339

  • mac-vrf does not support mac limit configuration. PR1647327

  • BGP Sensor /bgp-rib/afi-safis/afi-safi/ipv4-unicast/loc-rib/is not available as a 'periodic' sensor. PR1649529

  • Junos OS: PTX Series: FPCs might restart unexpectedly upon receipt of specific MPLS packets with certain multi-unit interface configurations (CVE-2022-22202). PR1649586

  • IRP memory parity issue might result in traffic loss on Junos PTX and QFX10000 platforms. PR1650217

  • PCS faulty blocks count will increment after Junos software upgrade to Junos OS Release 20.2R1 or above. PR1651526

  • The traffic with EtherType 0X88FC might get corrupted. PR1651703

  • The jvision sensors might not get reset after you restart routing, resulting in verification failure. PR1652372

  • Configuring gre-key in firewall filter might breaks the DSCP classification. PR1652762

  • SRv6 END.DT46 and END.DT4 configuration might not be supported. PR1655518


  • Premature RSVP Path Error BW-Unavailable originated by PLR. PR1670638

  • The rpd crash occurs with Container LSPs. PR1672804

  • The traffic might drop when you set the link-state protocol with the least preference to active, and the CSPF algorithm fails. PR1677930


  • Silent drop in traffic might be seen due to next-hop install failure on Junos PTX platforms. PR1653920