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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for EX Series switches.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.


  • On ARM64 platforms such as EX4100 devices, if a live vmcore gets attempted to be created, the DUT might get stuck and reboot. PR1656625

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • DHCP packets might not be sent to the clients when you reconfigure forward-only under the routing instance. PR1651768

Network Management and Monitoring

  • Memory might leak in eventd leak during GRES. PR1602536

  • The snmpd process might crash if the SNMP timeouts. PR1666548

Platform and Infrastructure

  • Traffic gets dropped after chassis-control restart when filter gets attached. PR1615548

  • GARP reply does not update the ARP entry even though you configure the gratuitous-arp-reply option. PR1644616

  • IRACL filters more than 64 might not work on the IRB units. PR1653216

  • The dc-pfe process might crash due to the VCCP flap. PR1655530

  • Junos upgrade might fail due to a storage issue in the /var/tmp directory. PR1659460

  • On EX4300 devices, high CPU utilization appears with the following log message: /kernel: %KERN-3: i802_3_slow_recv_input:oam/esmc PDU dropped PR1661332

  • Traffic flow gets affected as interfaces gets removed from VLAN. PR1675861

  • On EX4300 and EX4300 Virtual Chassis, the fxpc process crash might. PR1675977

  • The EX2300 devices might unexpectedly drop VOIP VLAN traffic after reboot. PR1633883

  • IPv6 route advertisement sent on management interfaces might cause other devices to fail to get the DHCVP6 address. PR1635867

  • DHCP snooping table might fail on all Junos platforms to populate MAC address after a VLAN change. PR1637380

  • With SFP+-10G-CU3M DAC, link is up on EX4100-48P devices even though admin is down on peer. PR1640799

  • On EX4100 devices, the class-of-service buffer-size exact configuration. PR1644355

  • On EX4300, EX3400, and EX2300 devices in Virtual Chassis (VC) scenario, traffic loop might occur due to STP ports not created in the new primary Routing Engine after switchover due to reboot of the primary Routing Engine. PR1647000

  • DHCP traffic might be dropped when you enable DHCP-security and RTG. PR1647209

  • On EX4100 devices, non existing et-* interfaces details gets exported for PIC 2 for JTI server. PR1647661

  • On EX4100 Virtual Chassis, ping does not work for some IRBs after the primary reboot and traffic loss occurs. PR1648310

  • On EX4100 devices, junos telemetry interface FAN and power supply names do not match with CLI . PR1648739

  • The Virtula Chassis port might not be formed automatically. PR1649338

  • L2PT configuration on a transit switch in a Q-in-Q environment breaks L2PT. PR1650416

  • On EX9251 devices, reboot reason gets displyed as 0x2000:hypervisor reboot instead of 0x4000:VJUNOS reboot when you reboot Junos OS. PR1651721

  • On EX4100 devices, incorrect trap gets generated after removal of fan0 in FPC4. PR1652388

  • The inner tag (C-tag) value might get modified to zero for egress traffic when the inner tag values are copied to the outer tag (S-tag). PR1652976

  • L2PT might not work for the aggregated Ethernet interfaces in the Q-in-Q environment. PR1653260

  • On EX4100 devices, enabling port beacon led functionality not working using port-range. PR1653426

  • Additional debug logs might get printed onto device console, when device boots from a bootable USB. PR1653499

  • On EX4100 devices, for port in 0-23 with 100m/10m speed applied AN parameters and link-mode displays HD while in the Paket Forwarding Engine link-mode displays as full-duplex. PR1654671

  • Port mirroring traffic does not get flooded on the expected interfaces. PR1654812

  • On EX4100 devices, partial traffic drops on the Virtual Chassis after the Routing Engine switchovers from primary to back up with NSR/NSB. PR1655052

  • The egress traffic does not get tagged properly in a L2PT scenario. PR1655511

  • Few EX device does not generate huge ICMPv6 messages. PR1655654

  • All Slaac-snooping entries learnt on an IFL gets deleted when an IFBD gets deleted such that IFL is member of more than 1 VLANs. PR1655913

  • Filter-Based Forwarding filter might not work as expected. PR1656117

  • The interface might not come up. PR1656540

  • On EX4100 devices, half-duplex configuration does not get applied on interfaces for members fpc 1 and above, applied only for member 0 interfaces. PR1656587

  • On EX4400 devices, an incorrect PEM alarm gets raised. PR1658049

  • Port or MAC gbp tags might not be carried forward to the spine. PR1659384

  • Packet count gets displayed as 0 for some interfaces in when you use the monitor interface traffic command. PR1661617

  • On EX4400-48MP devices, link activity LEDs on ports 0-35 are always lit. PR1662288

  • The fxpc process might crash with the RPF check enabled. PR1662508

  • SSH traffic might be affected when you use the filter log action. PR1663126

  • MAC address learning failure and traffic loss might be observed on VXLAN enabled ports with native-VLAN configured. PR1663172

  • MAC addresses learned on the RTG interface does not aging out. PR1664955

  • MAC-IP bindings for IPv4 (ARP) and IPv6 (ND) might not be processed for IRB interfaces in an EVPN scenario. PR1665828

  • High numbers of PDs connected might result in high CPU utilization. PR1667564

  • Shaping-rate does not take 20 bytes of overhead into account. PR1667879

  • On EX3400 devices, MAC radius authentication without restrict option updates the authenticated VLAN information before the client authentication. PR1668144

  • The chassisd memory gets corrupted and the chassisd gets crashed. PR1672039

  • VLAN translation programming gets deleted from the Packet Forwarding Engine upon deleting the member interface for LAG. PR1676772

  • The PRIMARY_TIMEOUT errors/auto-ttrace error message gets generated when the DHCP traffic rate goes above the DHCP DDoS threshold. PR1647532

  • DHCP binding fails for the clients (Clients connected on an aggregated Ethernet interface with 2 or more VLANs) on a VLAN where dhcp-security is not configured. PR1679094

Virtual Chassis

  • On EX4600 and EX4650 devices, line card might be disconnected from Virtual Chassis post primary Routing Engine reboot. PR1669241