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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for PTX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS Evolved defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • The .include directives are deprecated, and support for them is removed in a future version. PR1647592

  • The license might get out of sync between the primary and backup Routing Engines. PR1658869

  • The traffic loop would be observed when ESI is configured on IFD. PR1672631

  • LED status on backup RCB never turns on after reboot. PR1681609

  • The FPC can go to a fault state on certain Junos OS Evolved PTX platforms after system reboot. PR1682659

  • The fibd process will crash when a large number of interfaces are deleted and added back. PR1685995

  • The fabspoked-pfe process crashes when a FATAL ERROR occurs in the Packet Forwarding Engine. PR1693697

  • CMIS CX : Telemetry : various component level sensor path for FAN, FABRIC, FAN, POWER_SUPPLY, STORAGE, STORAGE, BOOT_LOADER, BIOS, OPERATING_SYSTEM, LINECARD, TRANSCEIVER not working. PR1694612

  • The line cards will remain in PRESENT state post reboot. PR1695952

  • The VLAN-id mapping is incorrect in sflow scenario on PTX Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1696413

  • License key is not installed after upgrade. PR1696879

  • PTX10004, PTX10008, and PTX100016 Junos OS Evolved : LED on "Status Panel" is Unlit OFF. PR1697503

  • PTX10008 Junos OS Evolved: FTC FPGA minimum supported firmware version mismatch alarm gets generated upon re-seating FTC. PR1698209

  • CMIS CX : CMIS CX : Telemetry : subscription to path /components/component[name='Routing Engine0:bootloader']/state/location/ and /components/component[name='Routing Engine0:bootloader']/state/parent/ not working. PR1701239

  • PTX10004, PTX10008, and PTX100016 Junos OS Evolved: SNMP mib jnxOperatingState not working for runningAtFullSpeed. PR1701983

  • Junos OS Evolved - fibd object-info anomalies observed@net::juniper::addrwatch::AddrWatchNotify. PR1704379

  • PTX10004, PTX10008, and PTX100016 Junos OS Evolved: GARP is not sent from new master Routing Engine's management interface upon RE switchover. PR1705245

  • PTX10004, PTX10008, and PTX100016 Junos OS Evolved: When offlined FPC is removed from chassis, show chassis craft-interface CLI shows Fail for removed FPC. PR1706601

  • PTX10008 Junos OS Evolved: When PSM (JNP10K-PWR-AC2) is switched off and "OK LED" is unlit off, but jnxLEDState mib shows green(2). PR1708892

  • The rpd and rpd-agent crash are observed after the reboot of primary Routing Engine or Switchover. PR1711265

  • Observed vmcore while executing MTS (scripr profile: ospf_db_protection_mts_001.robot_BRACKLA.... #bad_area_nosemaphore, #uio_dma_buf_ops_release, #task_work_run). PR1711964

  • PTX10004, PTX10008, and PTX100016 Junos OS Evolved: SNMP trap jnxFruOnline is raised when JNP10K-PWR-DC2 PSM(single power input) is powered off by button press. PR1713462

  • On PTX10001-36MR the VXLAN tunnel termination functionality impacted with global configuration not enabled. PR1713640

  • SSD failure resulting in File System errors does not perform primary role switch in timely manner and results in an operational outage. PR1715345

  • The Zookeeper session fails on primary Routing Engine and reboots RE twice. PR1716059

  • PTX10004, PTX10008, and PTX100016 Junos OS Evolved PTX10008 "LINE CARDS" LED on Status Panel is Lit ON in Green right after FPC is inserted although FPC is Present state. PR1716276

  • "Jexpr: NhList:- List Token: xxxx" and "Jexpr: NhList:- Calling update@pos: xx updated token" might be seen when IPv6 next-hop is created. PR1716510

  • Interface on PTX1001-36MR router remains down with QSFP-100GBASE-SR4 optics. PR1716518

  • Junos OS Evolved:REG:PTX10001-36MR :: observing syslog error in tunnel scripts. PR1718540

  • System calls for shutdown after Routing Engine switchover. PR1720259

  • Unnecessary resiliencyd messages appear for trap codes. PR1720264

  • Junos OS Evolved PTX platforms fail to relearn MAC after interface MAC limit is reached. PR1721708

  • Unstable interface statistic (ingress) going up and down. PR1723808

  • Junos OS Evolved: 400GZR: Not able to tune 400G ZR optics to 1554.54nm. PR1725763

  • Traffic drop under strict-priority queue before low priority queue. PR1732461

  • Few protocol sessions remain down after quick arpd process disable and enable. PR1665362


  • The wrong source address will be used in egress packets. PR1696056

  • When a syslog is generated and transported to a log collector over an IPv6 connection, processes like eventd might crash. PR1703823

  • SYN-ACK and subsequent TCP session packets generated by Routing Engine will have incorrect DSCP value. PR1703955

Interfaces and Chassis

  • The link-local address is not generated for loopback interface. PR1695502

  • Few applications fail to start after image upgrade on PTX10003 platforms. PR1705725

  • PTX10003-160C : Router rebooted without any logs. No core-dump. PR1706688

  • VRRP primary does not respond to Neighbor Solicitation from opposite device to virtual-link-local-address. PR1714831

  • PTX10004, PTX10008, and PTX100016 Junos OS Evolved PTX10008 show interfaces media|extensive|brief|detail CLI show Down state when CFMD brings IFD down.PR1722201

  • PTX10004, PTX10008, and PTX100016 Junos OS Evolved Device flags in show interfaces CLI is Present Running Down when CFMD brings IFD down. PR1724286

Network Management and Monitoring

  • snmp-subagent cored at #0 0x00007f54fa7a525d. PR1683517

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • The SCU/DCU firewall filter match will not work as expected. PR1699138

User Interface and Configuration

  • FPC ungracefully restarts when cda-bt process crashes. PR1655441