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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for PTX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS Evolved defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • Auto RP base verification fails with multiple RPs with the same group range. PR1634982

  • IPv6 master-only IP address does not move to the new primary Routing Engine after a switchover. PR1648371

  • The classification-override functionality does not work for the IPv6 traffic. PR1650622

  • Junos OS Evolved on all PTX devices does not support GNOI rpc KillProcess. PR1655652

  • Routes in RIB and FIB table might go out of synchronization on all Junos Evolved platforms and cause a traffic impact. PR1658426

  • Traffic loss due to long MPLS reroute local convergence time on the aggregtaed Ethernet interface flaps. PR1660701

  • The aftmand process crashes upon updating the configurations on the FTI tunnels. PR1663417

  • The icmpd application might crash and generate a core post assert being raised. PR1669088

  • The hwdre and evo-pfemand applications might crash if the idmd, fabtoken, and hwdre applications restarts immediately after a FEB offline. PR1669130

  • The fabspoked-pfe process might crash while executing the cli commands for fabric statistics. PR1669435

  • On the PTX10004, PTX10008, and PTX10016 devices, the evo-aftmand-bt.fpc process generates corefile. PR1672512

  • The traffic loop would be observed when you configure ESI on IFD. PR1672631

  • Reporting-interval in the show jvision sensor info command gets stuck at 65000 when configured reporting rate is changed from 65000 to 68000. PR1673476

  • CoS drop occurs for priority traffic on some PTX devices. PR1673738

  • LSP link-protection observes longer packet drops post P2MP LSP switchover. PR1675282

  • GNOI rpc status displays incorrect permission value. PR1676942

  • Unexpected storage media comsumption caused by system application log. PR1677295

  • The Routing Engine reboots and rpd crashes if the volume of zookeeper logs is high. PR1678880

  • The gnoi-system process generates core file during ping requests. PR1680004

  • Destination mask length reported in Sflow exported packet is lesser compared to the value seen in the show route forwarding-table destination command. PR1680040

  • Commit fails on Junos OS Evolved platforms post device upgrade. PR1680266

  • LED status on backup RCB never turns on after reboot. PR1681609

  • Junos OS Evolved PTX devices reboots in a specific scenario. PR1682898

  • Query does not return any value from the database while validating sync_response. PR1683552

  • The Application ztp fail on node Re0 major alarm gets generated about one day later post system defaults. PR1683964

  • The fibd process crashes when a large number of interfaces gets deleted and added back. PR1685995

  • On PTX10000 devices, the PSM fault state not recoverable. PR1669323

  • The queue-counters-queued-bytes-rate for network-class does not get within the range with cos mru 9200 configuration. PR1691957

  • CBC-FPGA and RE-FPGA firmware upgrades fail. PR1692186

  • On the PTX10004, PTX10008, and PTX100016 devices, the CM major errors alarm does not get generated for pre_init_pll_programming failure with faulty Packet Forwarding Engine. PR1693511

  • Interfaces went down and manually restarts FPC4 triggered the fabspoked-pfe-fpc4 core. PR1693697

  • CM alarm does not get triggering for the Packet Forwarding Engine going into the Fault state. PR1693710

  • The line cards remains in the Present state post reboot. PR1695952

  • On the PTX10008 and PTX100016 devices, the LC status LED MIB jnxLEDDescr.3.7.x.0.0 returns undefined 0 value due to read error. PR1696500

  • On the PTX10008 devices, the BGP sessions flaps. PR1697099

  • On the PTX10008 devices, FTC FPGA minimum supported firmware version mismatch alarm gets generated upon re-seating FTC. PR1698209

  • On the PTX10004, PTX10008, PTX100016 devices, the SNMP jnxLEDState mib returns 4(red) value even when BITS LED is unlit/off. PR1698919


  • The show route forwarding-table destination command takes long time in a scaled system for non-/32 prefixes. PR1685545

  • When a syslog is generated and transported to a log collector over an IPv6 connection, processes like eventd might crash. PR1703823

Interfaces and Chassis

  • On PTX10003 devices, when you restart FPC3 or PFE0 on FPC3, the wedge gets detected on other FPCs. PR1679346

  • LLDP packet drops when you configure the physical interface (IFD) with flexible-vlan-tagging. PR1689391

  • The link-local address doess not get generated for the loopback interface. PR1695502

Network Management and Monitoring

  • Interface physical IP address gets assigned to the SNMP trap source address after chassis restart although you configure the source-address lo0 under trap-options. PR1690850

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • Error messages gets generated when you commit the firewall filter configuration with family inet6 with next-header and no payload-protocol. PR1674893

  • The the aftmand process might crash. PR1683361

  • Filter with payload-protocol cannot be attached to the lo0 egress interface. PR1703169

User Interface and Configuration

  • FPC ungracefully restarts when the cda-bt process crashes. PR1655441

  • The BFD session fails to come up when you configure the Routing Engine filter with apply-path. PR1698347