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Open Issues

Learn about open issues in this release for PTX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS Evolved defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • Changing decapsulation tunnel destination address configuration after tunnel is up might not work or handled and end up using previously configured tunnel destination address for decapsulaton. Once system enters this state, any further configuration changes to tunnel configuration will not be handled. PR1575724

  • Sometimes the BGP and RSVP sessions remain down after quick arpd process disable and enable. Whenever you encounter such scenario, system can be recovered from erroneous state by executing the restart routing gracefully command. PR1665362

  • Routing daemon crashes but does not have impact on rest of the NSR support. PR1561059

  • Several warning messages gets generated while the RPD process restarts during GRES. PR1612487

  • Some of the frequencies might fail performance for PTP-PTP and PTP-1PPS. PR1624478

  • Below is the expected performance for this 21.4. Profile Freq (Hz) NoiseTransfer_0_00391_Results PASS PASS NoiseTransfer_0_00781_Results FAIL FAIL NoiseTransfer_0_01563_Results FAIL FAIL NoiseTransfer_0_03125_Results FAIL FAIL NoiseTransfer_0_06156_Results FAIL FAIL NoiseTransfer_0_12313_Results FAIL FAIL NoiseTransfer_0_24625_Results PASS PASS NoiseTransfer_0_4925_Results PASS PASS NoiseTransfer_0_985_Results PASS PASS NoiseTransfer_1_985_Results PASS PASS NoiseTransfer_3_985_Results PASS PASS NoiseTransfer_7_985_Results PASS PASS PR1624502

  • When you configure the set protocols isis source-packet-routing sensor-based-stats per-interface-per-member-link egress and set protocols isis source-packet-routing sensor-based-stats per-sid egress per-interface egress and per-sid egress SR sensor status using the cli commands, the (pushed) MPLS label length does not get included in the output/Tx octets field that gets exported from the sensor. PR1646799

  • On all Junos OS Evolved platforms, the license might get out of synchronised between primary and backup Routing Engine after the addition or deletion of licenses. PR1658869

  • GNOI API SetPackage through remote download is not supported. PR1665185

  • For PTX10001-36MR, show system applications error command is not available.PR1682045

  • FPC going to fault state with Major alarm - Power Failure on upgrading. PR1682659

  • On PTX10004, PTX10008, and PTX10016 devices, the status panel LED (power supplies, fans, sibs, line cards, control boards) might be Unlit OFF after the system power-cycle, system reboot, and Routing Engine switchover. PR1697503

  • When using the proprietary subscribe RPC for telemetry, the isis/levels keyword is missing from the jkey output for leaf lists. PR1698192

  • On Junos OS Evolved Platforms, any UI (user interface) set (configuration, script, license) changes made post software addition gets lost after the subsequent reboot. PR1699699


  • A Use After Free vulnerability in the kernel of Juniper Networks Junos OS Evolved allows an unauthenticated, network-based attacker to cause a Denial of Service (DoS). PR1636063

Juniper Extension Toolkit (JET)

  • Client streaming RPCs have a way to close the stream from their end by calling closeSend(). The expected behavior is to convey to the server (PRPD) that the client is done sending the requests and the server should close the stream when it is done sending all the responses. This does not result in terminating the transport (grpc channel) but results in closing of the grpc transport. PR1667855

Network Management and Monitoring

  • When you configure maximum-password-length and try to configure password whose length exceeds configured maximum-password-length, an error messgae is generated along with ok tag. The configuration does not get committed. PR1585855

  • When you poll jnxCos mib at a very high rate and if response from FPCs (evo-aftmand) get delayed (takes around 1 minute) then the snmpd-subagent process might generate core file. PR1683517

Routing Protocols

  • When you enable the IS-IS authentication key-chain having multiple keys between routers, the IS-IS adjacency goes up since both routers have the same key active. When you manually change the system time in such a way that routers have different keys active in the key chain, the IS-IS adjacency must go down. PR1572441

  • When l2cpd (in the context of xSTP) clears the entries that has programmed on the ppmd process. When you delete xSTP configurations from the device, there can be a possibility of the ppmd process generating core file. If the ppmd process is in distributed mode, there will be no service impact else there can be service impact as packet transmission for various protocols through if the ppmd process is in centralized mode. PR1660299

User Interface and Configuration

  • The system might ask for password when you save the configuration file. PR1665008

  • Committing the wild-carded groups related configuration causes the configd-streamer process to generate core files, which is used in the reported fusion test case. PR1674890