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Software Installation and Upgrade

  • Support for error third-party attachments (TPAs) on errored objects during route installations (PTX10008 and PTX10016)—In a distributed system, states can be produced anywhere and consumed anywhere, making it difficult for a producer (for example, a PFE) to determine whether the system is in the correct state for the consumer (for example, an rpdagent). Starting in Junos OS Evolved Release 22.3R1, during route installations the consumer can now notify the producing application when there are errors in processing the state update sent by the producer. The producer then attaches a TPA object on top of the errored object with details of the error and publishes it. The errors generated have standard error numbers.

    The forwarding information base (FIB) telemetry daemon (FIBtd) also receives error notifications. Use the Junos telemetry interface (JTI) and remote procedure calls (gRPC) services to stream or export ON_CHANGE FIB statistics to an outside SDN collector. Set the collector to subscribe to xpath /state/system/anomalies/fib/ to get both the IPv4 and IPv6 error routes.

    Use the CLI to query errored objects and related information. The consumer is notified when the errors are cleared and the route installation is successful.

    [See Error TPAs for Route Installation.]