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Flow-based and Packet-based Processing

  • Support for Dynamic Load-Balancing (QFX5130-32CD and QFX5700)—Starting in Junos OS Evolved Release 22.3R1, QFX5130-32CD and QFX5700 switches support Dynamic Load-Balancing (DLB) for equal-cost multipath (ECMP) and link aggregation group (LAG). DLB is an enhancement to static load balancing. DLB considers member bandwidth utilization along with packet content for member selection.

    You can use the following DLB modes to load-balance traffic:

    • Flowlet

    • Assigned flow

    • Per-packet

    To configure DLB for ECMP, include the ecmp-dlb statement at the [edit forwarding-options enhanced-hash-key] hierarchy level.

    To configure DLB for LAG, include the dlb statement at the [edit interfaces aex aggregated-ether-options] hierarchy level.


    When you configure both DLB and resilient hashing at the same time, a commit error occurs.