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What’s Changed

Learn about what changed in this release for SRX Series.

Flow-Based and Packet-Based Processing

  • PMI Mode Passthrough ESP traffic: Starting in Junos OS Release 22.1R3, we support the PMI express path processing for passthrough ESP traffic on the SRX Series devices.

Network Management and Monitoring

  • Support for the junos:cli-feature YANG extension (ACX Series, EX Series, MX Series, PTX Series, QFX Series, SRX Series, vMX, and vSRX)—The cli-feature YANG extension identifies certain CLI properties associated with some command options and configuration statements. The Junos YANG modules that define the configuration or RPCs include the cli-feature extension statement, where appropriate, in schemas emitted with extensions. This extension is beneficial when a client consumes YANG data models, but for certain workflows, the client needs to generate CLI-based tools.

    [See Understanding the Junos DDL Extensions YANG Module.]

Software Installation and Upgrade

  • New options for the request system snapshot command (ACX Series, EX Series, MX Series, PTX Series, QFX Series, and SRX Series)—The request system snapshot command includes new options for non-recovery snapshots. You can include the name option to specify a user-defined name for the snapshot, and you can include the configuration or no-configuration option to include or exclude configuration files in the snapshot. By default, the snapshot saves the configuration files, which include the contents of the /config and /var directories and certain SSH files.

    [See request system snapshot (Junos OS with Upgraded FreeBSD).]

User Interface and Configuration

  • The file copy command supports only text-formatted output in the CLI (ACX Series, EX Series, MX Series, PTX Series, QFX Series, SRX Series, vMX, and vSRX)—The file copy command does not emit output when the operation is successful and supports only text-formatted output when an error occurs. The file copy command does not support using the | display xml filter or the | display json filter to display command output in XML or JSON format in any release. We've removed these options from the CLI.


  • Removal of power mode IPsec Intel QAT option in IPsec VPN (SRX Series)—We have removed the option power-mode-ipsec-qat at [edit security flow] hierarchy level from Junos CLI for display. This option is now hidden as it is not recommended to be configured with multiple IPsec VPN tunnels. We continue to use AES-NI in PMI mode for better performance than QAT.

    [See Improving IPsec Performance with PowerMode IPsec.]