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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for QFX Series.

Chassis Clustering

  • GTP control packets might be incorrectly dropped/passed if there is more than one APN IMSI filter configured PR1673879

Class of Service (CoS)

  • The fixed classifier may not work in MPLS and VXLAN scenario PR1650051


  • The process rpd might crash when protocol EVPN is deactivated PR1659786

  • BUM traffic might be blackholed for ESI configured CE interface flap PR1669811

  • The ARP/ND entries are not relearnt as expected on the spine with EVPN-VxLAN PR1677521

General Routing

  • Traffic loss might be observed on EX4650-48Y and QFX5120-48Y switches when there is a link flap PR1634495

  • Multicast traffic received on the INET interface might be dropped PR1636842

  • On Junos ACX/PTX/QFX platforms traffic blackholing can occur after interface flaps PR1645488

  • The local-minimum-links feature not working as expected on QFX5100 VC platforms PR1649637

  • Traffic Loss will be observed with Virtual-Router PR1650335

  • Transit traffic might get dropped and protocols might be down when firewall filters are modified PR1651546

  • The MAC address from local CE may not be learned due to the VLAN programming issue PR1651827

  • Port might be down after inserting specific SFP PR1653723

  • The ARP might not resolve with the native-vlan configuration PR1654215

  • The interface might not come up on EX platforms PR1656540

  • FEC link is down after disabling/enabling interface PR1657534

  • TOS(DSCP+ECN) bits not getting copied from the Inner L3 header to Outer VXLAN header. PR1658142

  • BFD session session-state is showing DOWN while checking Micro BFD Sessions with Authentication in Non-Distributed Mode PR1658317

  • Valid software licenses might not be in sync between members in the Virtual chassis. PR1658913

  • The multipath route might be missing when multipath is configured PR1659255

  • 'no-multicast' knob within storm-control profile triggers randomly PR1659434

  • The slave PTP device will not lock its clock with the master PTP device PR1659453

  • Traffic loss might be seen when a VxLAN port is recovering from a failure PR1659533

  • On QFX10K Junos platforms configuration of IGMP group range might result in traffic loss PR1659732

  • MACsec session configured over IFD might be down when an IFL configured on IFD is disabled/deactivated PR1660070

  • After changing the MTU on an aggregated interface along with IRB the kernel crash might be observed PR1660208

  • QFX : OSPF Flow Check function violating RFC6864 PR1660369

  • spmb0 Cell drops on sib 'x' pf 'x' errors seen in QFX10008/QFX10016 platforms without generating any alarms PR1660699

  • CoS might not get applied on VC ports PR1660787

  • BUM traffic might loop post adding/removing EVPN-VXLAN FRR configuration PR1662515

  • IPv6 ND packets might be dropped in QFX5100 and QFX5110 platforms PR1662707

  • L2 Multicast traffic loss observed on EX4400 Virtual Chassis platform. PR1663102

  • IS-IS adjacency is not coming up through the Layer 2 domain PR1663134

  • Verification of stats for BFD session is "UP" while checking BFD session PR1663790

  • ALB stats not showing in CLI PR1663881

  • The DHCP offer packets will not be sent to the clients when the DHCP relay agent is configured over Type-5 EVPN PR1664656

  • On QFX5K series platforms, duplicate packets might be seen in the multihomed scenario in an EVPN-VxLAN fabric when unicast ARP packets are received PR1665306

  • Static MACs are not programmed after reboot, resulting in floods of unicast traffic PR1666399

  • Multihop BFD sessions might remain down in inline mode PR1667751

  • Shaping-rate is not taking 20bytes of overhead into account. PR1667879

  • Route/Multicast add get queued in KRT QUEUE post interface flap. PR1669161

  • On specific QFX5k platforms, member links may reduce their configured speed when the other side doesn't have auto-negotiation disabled PR1669436

  • FPC1 is getting disconnected after ISSU and before switchover while checking ISSU status PR1669702

  • The dcpfe process might generate core-dumps and FPC might crash after line card reboot or switchover PR1670240

  • Packet drops are seen after flapping or changing a passive monitor interface PR1671449

  • Flow sample packet is not sent to the collector when the destination is an ECMP path PR1672121

  • QFX5120-48YM :: QFX-EVPN_VXLAN: ECN bits not getting copied to vxlan tunnel header at the encap node PR1672308

  • The BFD packets will drop in an EVPN-VxLAN scenario due to incorrect layer3 offset being set in the host path PR1674116

  • VLAN translation mapping gets deleted when one of the member interface removed from LAG PR1676772

  • Traffic drop will be observed if an IP packet with TTL=1 is routed over VXLAN Tunnel PR1678992

  • Firewall functions will not work as expected when egress firewall filter is configured PR1679574

  • BFD is running in distributed mode on QFX10K8 and QFX10K16 platforms that might remain down in EVPN-VXLAN topology. PR1680757

  • The PFE process crashes from 21.4R1 version onwards on VMhost platforms PR1681532

  • QFX5110-48S PTP dcpfe core may be seen with PTP configuration PR1683308

Interfaces and Chassis

  • VRRP flaps between MC-LAG peers PR1579016

  • The MAC address may be learned over the wrong interface in the MC-AE scenario PR1658742

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • The DHCP unicast acknowledge packet might be dropped PR1676573

Routing Protocols

  • Ipv6 Inline BFD sessions are down when neighbor is not resolved PR1650677

  • Routing Process Daemon (rpd) crashes and restarts when a specific timing condition is hit with BGP configuration PR1659441

  • A policy with a policy action "community" configuration may not work PR1660424

  • Packets getting dropped on the Server leaf in EVPN-VXLAN with OISM PR1665791

  • MCSNOOPD will be restarted and will again learn the states after core PR1672488

  • Traffic drops due to the generation of the FPC core, which makes the system unstable. PR1678016

User Interface and Configuration

  • "gethostbyname: Host name lookup failure" is displayed during commit PR1673176


  • [mvpn] QFX10k : Auto-RP is going down after some time on QFX10k in NGMVPN scenario PR1617620