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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for EX Series.

General Routing

  • DHCP packets getting looped in EVPN-VXLAN setup. PR1657597

  • In the EVPN-VXLAN scenario, the DHCP packets will get dropped when the DHCP relay agent is configured. PR1662524

  • Aggregate Ethernet interface will receive unknown unicast traffic on FPC3 reboot of a VC. PR1678430

  • DHCP binding will fail for the clients (Clients connected on an AE interface with 2 or more VLANs) on a VLAN where DHCP security is not configured. PR1679094

  • Multicast traffic loss is seen with igmp-snooping running on EX4100. PR1681478

  • EX4100-24mp/48mp/48p/48t/24p/24t: Activity LED is lit on some ports if 1G optic is inserted without link being present or up. PR1682633

  • EX SNMP: jnxOperatingDescr. returns blank, but jnxOperatingState. returns value. PR1683753

  • The l2cpd process crash might be observed when disabling RSTP on an interface. PR1684072

  • Licenses on the device might become invalid when the device is upgraded from a legacy licensing-based release to an Agile licensing-based release. PR1684842

  • MAC address learning might not happen on specific EX platforms. PR1685938

  • EX4300-48MP, Factory Reset/Mode button cannot toggle status mode LED (SPD, DX, EN, and PoE). PR1687407

  • EX4400 SNMP: FRU removal/insertion trap might not be generated when fan try or PIC is removed and inserted. PR1687848

  • On EX4100 and EX4400 platform, alarm PEM is not supported might be seen. PR1690674

  • The factory default configuration does not have xe-0/2/0. PR1691174

  • Few uplink ports of EX2300-48MP are not coming up. PR1692579

  • The dot1x reauthentication will not work for a port with VoIP VLAN. PR1693640

  • Packet Forwarding Engine crash is seen on all Junos OS EX4600 platforms with L2PT configuration. PR1694076

  • On a PVLAN with DAI ARP packets will be forwarded between isolated ports. PR1694800

  • The dot1x authentication will not be enabled on interfaces with specific configuration combination. PR1696906

  • Dot1x authentication failure for EVPN VXLAN enabled port. PR1697995

  • TCAM space might be exhausted when learning DHCP snooping entries on a trusted port. PR1699777

  • Dot1x memory is spiking up even after clearing the dot1x sessions. PR1702388

  • The PXE boot recovery fails on EX9204/9208/9214 VC setup. PR1704457

  • Traffic drops observed with hierarchal overlay ECMP configuration. PR1704470

  • On EX3400-24P platforms, the fxpc process crashes after upgrading from 21.4R1.12 to any 22.xRx version except 22.4. PR1705387

  • The PoE firmware upgrade fails on EX4400 platforms. PR1706952

Interfaces and Chassis

  • VRRP master-master condition might occur when there are more than two devices in the VRRP group. PR1680178

  • If VRRP authentication key is more than 16 characters it is ignoring remaining characters. PR1683871

  • The unicast traffic is dropped on EX4600-VC platforms. PR1695663

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • The phone-home and SZTP might fail if phone-home daemon restarts. PR1693124

Platform and Infrastructure

  • EX9000 platforms do not relay a DHCP offer with a broadcast flag under EVPN-VXLAN scenario. PR1670923

  • The interface on the device will go down when one or more interfaces are connected to the Advantech3260 device at another end. PR1678506

Virtual Chassis

  • Instability observed after primaryship switchover on members with SFP-T pluggable installed on EX4600-VC. PR1689946