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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for ACX Series.


  • RPD core file is generated upon receipt of a specific EVPN route by a BGP route reflector in an EVPN environment (CVE-2022-22219). PR1675054

General Routing

  • On booting the device ACX7100-48L, jdhcpd core file is seen. PR1658327

  • SSH non-default port configuration causes FPC offline after upgrading to Junos OS release 21.4. PR1660446

  • The rpd core might be seen when there is a synchronization issue. PR1663050

  • Inline BFDv6 sessions might go down and stay in that state on ACX5448 and ACX710 platforms. PR1666746

  • Traffic loss is observed when the VRRP is configured over the aggregated Ethernet interface. PR1666853

  • Chassis alarms for smart errors not set or cleared. PR1669968

  • New BFD sessions will not come up on ACX5448 and ACX710 due to continuous flaps. PR1670684

  • The LLDP packets will not be transmitted over Layer 2 circuit on the ACX Series platform. PR1678752

  • Memory leak is seen on ACX710 and ACX5448 when the core link flaps. PR1681980

  • The traffic drop might be observed with inter-vlan configuration when deactivating and activating the EVPN routing instance. PR1683321

  • On Junos OS ACX Series platforms the IP packets with VLAN tags do not get a response when sent out on the IRB interface in a certain condition. PR1683770

  • ACX5448: ACX710 L2 circuit traffic drop with control-word enabled or control-word configuration. change. PR1683900

  • Auto-mdix is not working in ACX710. PR1685431

  • subscriber-management-helper is thrashing, not restarted, messages seen on ACX5448. PR1688107

  • The LACP might get stuck in a continuous update loop in the MC-LAG scenario. PR1688958

  • EVPN packets might go to incorrect queues due to incorrect classification and might lead to packets drop during congestion. PR1689604

  • Packet forwarding fails on specific ACX Series platforms due to flapping of core interface member link in the MPLS-EVPN environment. PR1690590

  • PCS errors and framing errors on 100GE interfaces on certain Juniper Network platforms. PR1692063

Network Management and Monitoring

  • On all Junos OS and Junos OS Evolved platforms configured with filter-duplicates, the snmpd core might be observed if the SNMP query is made simultaneously from Network Management System (NMS) as well from the CLI. PR1669510

Routing Protocols

  • When inline add event for IPv6 inline BFD session comes without resolving neighbor for nexthop, inline event addition will fail. PR1650677

  • On all Junos OS platforms and all Junos OS Evolved platforms, routing process daemon (rpd) crashes and restarts when BGP is configured and a specific timing condition is hit for secondary route. This issue might cause a traffic impact. PR1659441

  • In an SR to LDP interworking scenario, with SRMS, when a specific low privileged command is issued on an ABR rpd will crash (CVE-2022-22233). PR1662559

  • MCSNOOPD restarts and will again learn the states after generating the core file. PR1672488