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Open Issues

Learn about open issues in this release for ACX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • In ACX5000, some next-hop routes not getting installed properly, reporting message "Failed to h/w update ip uc route entry" In LPM mode, for default route if route changes from ecmp to non-ecmp HOLD nexthop, PFE gets into a corrupted ecmp nexthop. We fix the NH index issue and fixed some issues related to handling ipv4 vs ipv6 default routes for LPM. PR1365034

  • On ACX5448, MAC learning or aging might stop in Layer 2 domain after excessive MAC movements or continuous interface flaps. There may be unexpected flooding traffic when this issue occurs. PR1480235

  • Due to BRCM KBP issue route lookup might fail. PR1533513

  • On ACX Series platforms, traffic issue might occur with downstream devices when you configure Precision Time Protocol (PTP) (G.8275.1 PTP profile) along with PHY timestamping and MPLS terminated on 10G interface. The transit PTP IPv4 packets are updated with incorrect Correction Factor(CF). Disabling PHY stamping might restore the issue impacting the PTP performance. PR1612429

  • On all ACX Series platforms, the hosts will not receive multicast traffic when snooping is configured in a EVPN-MPLS enabled broadcast domain. PR1613462

  • For ACX5448, MX204, and MX2008 "VM Host-based" platforms, starting with Junos 21.4R1 or later, ssh and root login is required for copying line card image (chspmb.elf for MX2008) from Junos VM to Linux host during installation. The ssh and root login are required during installation. Use "deny-password" instead of "deny" as default root-login option under ssh configuration to allow internal trusted communication. Refer to TSB18224. PR1629943

  • On Junos OS ACX Series platforms (ACX1100, ACX2100 and ACX2200) the Forwarding Engine Board (FEB) crash might occur. This might occur only when the system has encountered a dual parity error on MPLS entry memory in the hardware. There might be an impact on services when the FEB crashes. However, it returns to normal functionality after the crash. PR1632043

  • On ACX5048 and ACX5096 platforms interface speed 10m is not supported on 1G interface. PR1633226

  • On ACX5448 and ACX710 platforms, all types of delegated BFD sessions configured on routing-instance other than the default routing-instance might not come up.PR1633395

  • A vulnerability in class-of-service (CoS) queue management in Juniper Networks Junos OS on the ACX2000 Series devices allows an unauthenticated network-based attacker to cause a Denial of Service (DoS). Refer to JSA70187 for more information. PR1637615

  • On ACX5448 and ACX710 devices, when an application is trying to send the packet out to an egress port of a device on IPv6 Link Local address. The L3 packet does not egress out of the router and gets dropped. PR1638642

  • Interoperability for 1G interfaces between EX4100 SKUs and ACX5448 and ACX5448-M/D or MX480 will not work. PR1657766

  • SNMP MIB walk on jnxVpnInfo show snmp mib walk jnxVpnInfo for EVPN or EVPN-VPWS routing instance: In case of routing instance type EVPN or EVPN-VPWS, system auto creates one default routing instance apart from EVPN and/or EVPN-VPWS routing instance. So, in show output of show snmp mib walk jnxVpnInfo the number of configured routing instances are always one more than number of EVPN and/or EVPN-VPWS instances configured in the system. For example, we have configured a single EVPN routing instance in the box.

    user@host# show routing-instances evpn { instance-type evpn; protocols { evpn { interface ge-0/0/0.0 { vpws-service-id { local 1501; remote 11501; } } } } interface ge-0/0/0.0; route-distinguisher 65501:1501; vrf-target target:65501:1501; }

    user@host# run show snmp mib walk jnxVpnInfo jnxVpnConfiguredVpns.0 = 2 jnxVpnActiveVpns.0 = 1 jnxVpnNextIfIndex.0 = 0 jnxVpnNextPwIndex.0 = 0 jnxVpnNextRTIndex.0 = 0.

    In the above output "jnxVpnConfiguredVpns.0 = 2 " which is one more than the configured routing instance. PR1659466

  • In RTAG7 or enhanced hashing mode a specific traffic stream will be forwarded over a single member link over an aggregated Ethernet bundle. It will not be equally shared over all the member links in the bundle.PR1659845

  • IFD based CFM sessions are not supported in RIO and ODIN. PR1660086

  • Some interfaces with zero statistics in monitor interface traffic command, sends traffic across all interfaces with applied speed of 100m on all 1g copper ports. On clearing statistics for interfaces, the issue is seen. The issue change is related to ifinfo for Junos OS Release 22.2R1. PR1661617

  • In VPLS MH cases, the standby UNI ifl in backup router will be programmed in disable state, by adding the UNI interface to invalid vpn id in HW. During switch over the UNI ifl will be deleted and will be added under the VPLS instance VPN id. In issue case, UNI interface added under invalid VPN id in backup router is tried to deleted by passing the VPLS instance vpn id, causing the issue. This issue is applicable only for ACX5k series. PR1665178

  • On ACX710, when locally generated VLAN-based IP packets (e.g. ping packet) are sourced from IRB interface, the Priority and DEI bits might be changed in Packet Forwarding Engine.PR1683770

  • When a VPLS instance is deactivated in ACX5048, "dc-pfe: HEAP malloc(0) detected!" informational message is shown as the output. PR1692400