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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for EX Series.

General Routing

  • The EX2300 device might unexpectedly drop VOIP VLAN traffic after reboot. PR1633883

  • Buffer-size exact will not work. PR1644355

  • DHCP traffic might be dropped when DHCP-security and RTG are enabled. PR1647209

  • On EX4100 devices, Junos Telemetry interface FAN and power supply names does not match with CLI. PR1648739

  • On EX4100 devuces, wrong trap generated after removal of fan0 in FPC4. PR1652388

  • L2PT might not work for aggregated Ethernet interfaces in Q-in-Q environment. PR1653260

  • EVPN-VXLAN: EX4100 :PDT:: Partial traffic drop seen on the emerald VC , after Routing Engine switchover from primary to back up with NSR or NSB. PR1655052

  • The egress traffic is not tagged properly in a L2PT scenario. PR1655511

  • Filter-Based Forwarding filter might not work as expected. PR1656117

  • The interface might not come up on EX platforms. PR1656540

  • An incorrect PEM alarm will be raised on EX4400 devices. PR1658049

  • The port/mac gbp tags might not be carried forward to the spine. PR1659384

  • LEDs on ports 0-35 are always lit on EX4400-48MP platforms. PR1662288

  • The fxpc crash might be observed with the RPF check enabled. PR1662508

  • SSH traffic might be affected when filter log action is used. PR1663126

  • MAC address learning failure and traffic loss might be observed on VXLAN enabled ports having native-VLAN configured. PR1663172

  • MAC addresses learned on the RTG interface are not aging out. PR1664955

  • MAC-IP bindings for IPv4 (ARP) and IPv6 (ND) might not be processed for IRB interfaces in an EVPN scenario. PR1665828

  • High numbers of PDs connected might result in high CPU utilization. PR1667564

  • Shaping-rate is not taking 20bytes of overhead into account. PR1667879

  • [Dot1x][EX3400]:MAC radius authentication without restrict option was updating authenticated VLAN information before client authentication.PR1668144

  • The chassisd memory was corrupted and the chassisd crashed. PR1672039

  • Traffic flow will be affected as interfaces will be removed from VLAN. PR1675861

  • VLAN translation mapping gets deleted when one of the member interface removed from LAG. PR1676772

  • DHCP binding will fail for the clients (Clients connected on an aggregated Ethernet interface with 2 or more VLANs) on a VLAN where DHCP security is not configured. PR1679094

  • On EX4100 devices, traffic loss noticed with igmp-snooping running on Layer 2 switches. PR1681478


  • On ARM64 platforms such as EX4100, if a live vmcore is attempted to be created, the DUT might get stuck and reboot. PR1656625

Network Management and Monitoring

  • Observed memory leak in event leak during GRES. PR1602536

  • The snmpd process might crash if SNMP timeout happens. PR1666548

Platform and Infrastructure<

  • GARP reply does not update ARP entry though gratuitous-arp-reply option is configured. PR1644616

  • IRACL filters more than 64 might not work on IRB units. PR1653216

  • The dc-pfe might crash due to the VCCP flap. PR1655530

  • Junos upgrade might fail due to a storage issue in the /var/tmp directory. PR1659460

  • On EX4300 platform, high CPU is seen with generation of log message /kernel: %KERN-3: i802_3_slow_recv_input:oam/esmc PDU dropped. PR1661332

  • The fxpc process crash might be observed on EX4300 and EX4300-VC platforms. PR1675977

Virtual Chassis

  • On Junos (EX4600 and EX4650) platforms, line card might be disconnected from VC post primary Routing Engine reboot. PR1669241