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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for ACX Series.

General Routing

  • On ACX5448 devices, the cfmd process might generate core file if you change the CCM configuration from the agregated Ethernet interface ifl to physical ifl, and if the physical ifl was previously part of the agregated Ethernet interface bundle. PR1612212

  • On ACX5000 device, the Local fault and Remote fault signaling do not get logged on the /var/log/messages file. PR1624761

  • Unicast might lose packet due to control-word configuration. PR1626058

  • On ACX2000 devices, the output packet statistics does not get incremented on the unit even after configuring statistics. PR1627040

  • Multicast traffic might drop if you enable the IGMP snooping for VLAN. PR1628600

  • On ACX710 devices, when the panic command gets issued, box gets stuck and no vmcore file gets formed. PR1629700

  • Late drops do not get at par with the PN configured. PR1630724

  • The storm-control rate-limit might not work with VPLS policer under IFL. PR1633427

  • DHCP clients might not come online for the IRB+VLAN/EVPN scenario. PR1633778

  • IS-IS last transition time never increments. PR1634747

  • On ACX5448 and ACX710 devices, the IPv6 BFD session over the aggregated Ethernet interface might remain down. PR1635020

  • On ACX710 and ACX5448 devices working as a PE device stops forwarding the Layer 3 VPN traffic after core-facing link flaps. PR1635801

  • On ACX5448 devices, the locally switched traffic might be dropped with ESI configured. PR1638386

  • On ACX5448 and ACX710 devices, the Layer 3 interface creation might fail. PR1638581

  • ON ACX710 devices, the following message does not get generated when you use the USB image to recover the box:

  • On ACX5448 devices, high priority packets might be dropped. PR1642187

  • On ACX5448 devices, reboot reason that gets displayed is not as expected. PR1643781

  • Due to the MAC learning limit being exceeded, traffic might get dropped in the MC-AE scenario. PR1653926

  • The ARP request packets might be sent out from the ACX router without a VLAN header. PR1638421

  • KRT queue entries gets stuck during the Routing Engine switchover when the backup RPD is not ready. PR1641297

  • The LDP sessions might flap in the VPLS scenario resulting in the Packet Forwarding Engine errors. PR1654172

  • The copper ports on ACX5448 device might go down if loaded with copper SFP. PR1643989

  • Traffic might get silently discarded in the MPLS scenario with explicit-null. PR1646097

  • While sending BGP notification messages for the RFC 8538 hard reset, the data portion sometimes are not present. PR1648479

Platform and Infrastructure

  • The vmxt_lnx process generates core file at topo_get_link jnh_features_get_jnh jnh_stream_attach. PR1638166

Routing Protocols

  • IPv6 inline BFD sessions are down when neighbor does not get resolved. PR1650677