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Routing Protocols

  • BGP extended route retention (MX960, PTX1000, and QFX10002)—In Junos OS Release 22.2R1, we've enhanced the long-lived graceful restart (LLGR) capabilities for a BGP helper device. With this feature enabled, Junos OS supports LLGR helper mode regardless of the BGP peer LLGR capabilities. We've introduced a new configuration statement extended-route-retention at the [edit protocols bgp group neighbor graceful-restart long-lived] hierarchy level. We've also updated the outputs of the following operational commands:

    • show bgp neighbor
    • show route extensive

    [See graceful-restart-long-lived-edit-protocols-bgp.]

  • Anomaly checker for rpd object reference count (MX Series, PTX Series, and QFX Series)—In Junos OS Release 22.2R1, we introduce a generic reference count infrastructure that all the modules in rpd can use. The module maintains lock and unlock statistics corresponding to each object type in use. Any application can call the refcount increment or decrement API when an object is referred. The module also provides a mechanism to detect anomalies such as a leak or overflow in an object’s refcount.