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Class of Service

  • Support for hierarchical scheduling on logical interface set (ACX5448, ACX5448-M, and ACX5448-D)—Starting in Junos OS Release 22.2R1, the ACX5448 line of routers support hierarchical scheduling on a set of logical interfaces (IFL-SET). Applying hierarchical quality of service (HCoS) on a logical interface set enables four levels of scheduling on all the logical interfaces in that set. HCoS applies the levels one by one on all members of the set. You can configure TCP and TCP-REMAINING on the logical interface set as part of the HCoS configuration. You can also configure different CoS features through the CLI, as per your need and deployment model.

    To enable hierarchical scheduling, set hierarchical-scheduler at the [edit interfaces interface-name hierarchy level.

    See [ Hierarchical Class of Service in ACX Series Routers.]