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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for ACX Series.


  • RPD core file is generated upon receipt of a specific EVPN route by a BGP route reflector in an EVPN environment (CVE-2022-22219). PR1675054

General Routing

  • On ACX5448 and ACX710 platforms, it is observed that VLAN(Virtual LAN) priority may change at the egress end of the circuit.PR1630255

  • On all Junos OS platforms, EVPN-MPLS/EVPN-E-Tree broadcast unknown-unicast and multicast (BUM) traffic received on non-designated forwarder (Non-DF) will be forwarded back to customer edge device (CE) via designated forwarder (DF) when CE-DF link flap.PR1643598

  • On ACX5448 platform, if a firewall has a log action and it's applied on physical interface or lo0, the LDP neighbor cannot go up. PR1648968

  • Periodic streaming is not available for BGP Sensor "/bgp-rib/" in Junos OS Release 22.2R1. It is advised to use on-change telemetry for such high-volume data sensors.PR1649529

  • HTTP(S) file download hangs over EVPN-ETREE configuration. This issue occurs whenever the EVPN AC role is configured as leaf on the EVPN ETREE side that the (HTTPS) client resides, while it is configured as root on the server side.PR1653531

  • It is a negative use case and happens when a wrong config is committed and box is booted.PR1658327

  • On ACX5448 platform, when FPC (Flexible PIC Concentrator) lost communication with RE (Routing Engine), FPC remained online and it's physical ports stayed up as well. But the traffic through this interface will be black-holed.PR1659949

  • On ACX710/ACX5448 platforms in the layer2 circuit scenario, if the primary path is down due to any reason, the backup circuit takes the mastership and ideally, once the primary path is up, mastership is to be reverted. But, in rare cases, the mastership gets reverted but the label might get lost from PFE and results in traffic loss for the l2circuit connection. However, deactivating and activating the affected l2circuit configuration could help in restoring the services.PR1661802

  • On ACX5448 platform after add some EVPN-ETREE services/interfaces the riofeb (pfe) process may crash and 'dnx_rt_vpls_rebake_flood_route' and 'dnx_nh_composite_handle_flood_nh_change' logs will be seen. "show vmhost crash" will show riofeb coredumps.PR1662686

  • On all Junos and Junos Evolved platforms, upstream interface of multicast routes points to old active RPF (Reverse Path Forwarding) instead of new active RPF even though old active interface is not available when PIM (Protocol Independent Multicast)/ multicast neighbor is removed/flapped. This issue impacts forwarding plane and causes a traffic loss as multicast route in the rpd (Routing Protocol Daemon) and PFE (Packet Forwarding Engine) goes out of sync. This issue is observed because multicast route is not updated due to MBB (Make Before Break).PR1663271

  • On ACX5448/ACX710, transit traffic drop is observed for BGP-LU prefix when ECMP is enabled. It is acting as a transit router between two routers and BGP-LU prefix route towards any of them has ECMP path. This issue may impact a forwarding plane and cause a traffic impact.PR1663563

  • On ACX5448 and ACX710 platforms, when an empty interface (interface which has no optics inserted) is added as a child member link to an AE (Aggregated Ethernet) bundle which has 'lacp accept-data' configured, traffic is sent over the empty interface resulting in traffic drop.PR1663651

  • FXPC core file might be seen when deactivating a child memeber link from aggregated Ethernet bundle. PR1665511

  • On all Junos platforms, incorrect sensor base telemetry data are collected when multiple SR-TE tunnels are configured with at least one uncolored, sharing the same single hop segment list.PR1665943

  • On ACX5448, if the VRRP is configured for the aggregated Ethernet interface, the VRRP group is shown as up from Routing Engine side but the VRRP VIP does not function. PR1666853

  • On ACX710 and ACX5448 its variants, when the inline Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) session is configured, Packet Forwarding Engine (PFE) might crash and impact the service.PR1667129

  • On junos ACX platform, shutting the CE interface and bringing back up causes traffic (going towards the core) to drop.PR1667724

  • On all Junos platforms, Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) neighborship fails if the chassis-id format of the LLDP packet is xx:xx:xx:XX:XX:xx' PR1669677

  • When health monitoring is enabled on the Routing Engine disks, alarms are raised if the appropriate conditions are met. But, if there are two disks and both the disks generate the alarm condition only one will be shown. PR1669968

  • Log related to resources reported after EVPN RI are deactivated or activated multiple times : "ACX_BD_ERR: dnx_bd_alloc_l2_svlan: System reached L3 IFL and BD limit(12286)"PR1670683

  • The firmware count incrementing for each firmware update information being sent from lcmd (Linux Chassis Management Daemon) after every configuration commit. Therefore, the counter to increment out of bounds of the array cause memory overwriting resulting in memory corruption in chassisd. PR1672039

  • In ACX5448 platform while issuing the command to check temperature-thresholds. we would see the PFE wrongly spelled as QUMARN instead of Qumran. This is identified as cosmetic issue in CLI display and the same has been corrected.PR1682819

Network Management and Monitoring

  • On all Junos and EVO platforms configured with filter-duplicates, the snmpd core might be observed if the SNMP query is made simultaneously from NMS (Network Management System) as well from the CLI.PR1669510

Routing Protocols

  • When inline add event for IPv6 inline BFD session comes without resolving neighbor for nexthop , inline event addition will fail.PR1650677

  • On all Junos platforms and all Junos Evolved platforms, Routing Process Daemon (rpd) crashes and restarts when BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) is configured and a specific timing condition is hit for secondary route. This issue might cause a traffic impact.PR1659441

  • In an SR to LDP interworking scenario, with SRMS, when a specific low privileged command is issued on an ABR rpd will crash(CVE-2022-22233). PR1662559

  • MCSNOOPD restarts and will again learn the states after generating the core file. PR1672488