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Resolved Issues: 22.2R1

General Routing

  • PTX10008: Junos OS Evolved, CB 1 becomes Fault Standby after request node power-off re1. PR1581476

  • Filter with forwarding-class and destination-class combined might not work. PR1595788

  • Junos OS Evolved: PTX series: An attacker sending a crafted GRE packet causes the PFE to restart (CVE-2022-22194). PR1614171

  • the primary Routing Engine RE0 reloaded unexpectedly and new-primary Routing Engine RE1 does not bring up IS-IS or LDP adjacencies. PR1616114

  • PTX Junos OS Evolved : Output bytes and Output packets counter values under Transit statistics on show interfaces extensive CLI decreases along with sending protocol control packets. PR1618587

  • Wrong TX rate for queues configured mix of high-low tx rates without excess bandwidth on 10G interface might not work. PR1620284

  • The cosd core file might be observed after Routing Engine switchover. PR1620758

  • GNOI RPC TransferToRemote is not supported. PR1625212

  • The primary role transfer might not be triggered on each rpd crashes if switchover-on-routing-crash is configured PR1625834

  • Transient JSR replication errors 113 or 115 seen on disabling or enabling OSPF. PR1627625

  • PTX10008 Junos OS Evolved : license installation fails with validation hook evaluation failed commit error. PR1628733

  • cPTX: show system alarms shows many alarms which could be avoided. PR1628816

  • PTX Junos OS Evolved : DDoS filter does not classify OSPF packets as OSPF-Hello and OSPF-Data packets. PR1628889

  • Junos OS Evolved: Data streams two times during gNMI onchange streaming with hwdre/hwdfpc sensor paths. PR1632066

  • P2MP LSP ping and trace from bud-node might fail when the branch is on another Packet Forwarding Engine. PR1632385

  • [fabric] PTX10008: PDT: ERB : VxLAN: aggregated Ethernet lacp member link stuck is detached on PTX10008.PR1633849

  • [vrrp] [vrrp_evo] PTX10004 :: Traffic loss is seen after VRRP primary role switchover on Junos OS Evolved 21.4. PR1633986

  • Traffic impact might be seen when a firewall filter based policer for MPLS address family is configured on the device. PR1634644

  • show network-agent statistics detail CLI output does not print expected output after sometime. PR1634716

  • Label stack might be corrupted after Packet Forwarding Engine restart. PR1635130

  • Client deadline might exceed with error after gribi route add with FIB ACK. PR1635727

  • PTX10008 EVPN E-LAN: Ingress PE does not insert Sh label for BUM traffic received on local EP ESI interface, causing packet duplication on egress PE.PR1637703

  • The rpd-agent crash might be observed once routing processes exit. PR1637391

  • JTI UDP export support for /junos/system/cmerror/configuration and /junos/system/cmerror/counters does not work supported on chassis based systems like PTX10008 or PTX10016. PR1638262

  • NPU util sensor to include FLT consumption for ZX and BT based PTX devices. PR1638487

  • There is a mismatch between user-configured wavelength and actually transmitted wavelength on 400G-ZR wavelength setting with 75GHz spacing. PR1638603

  • CCL:NGPR: RPD_KRT_RESPOSE_ERROR: krt change failed for prefix <> error from kernel is EINVAL -- Bad parameter in request PR1638745

  • PTX10008 EVO : SNMP mib get on jnxLEDxxx generates general error with core file. PR1638768

  • show system errors error-id CLI might show inconsistent threshold data.PR1640264

  • Multicast packet drop might be seen when the outgoing interface flaps. PR1640294

  • [Junos Telemetry Interface] Verification of DB data collection fails after executing the Junos Telemetry Interface decoder. PR1640442

  • The show network-agent statistics gnmi detail CLI command reports packet drops for some gnmi target-defined mode sensors. PR1641483

  • FPC start time is incorrect under show chassis fpc details CLI command. PR1641515

  • [Telemetry] Filtering option for components name (CHASSIS, SIB) fails with /components/component sensor subscription. PR1641949

  • Junos OS Evolved: In an MPLS scenario upon receipt of a specific IPv6 packet, an FPC crashes (CVE-2022-22214). PR1642721

  • CFM traceoptions writes on every other line on PTX10008. PR1642948

  • Traffic loss might be observed when you deactivate or activate the firewall filter. PR1643187

  • The addition of new member to LAG might result in FPC crash. PR1643308

  • jnxOperatingDRAMSize and jnxOperatingMemory OID values are incorrect on Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1643910

  • [fabric] : [[Junos OS Evolved-PTX10008] : PDT: ERB : VxLAN : Type5 traffic drop for BGP prefix on PTX10008 as remote leaf. PR1644458

  • The interfaces might remain down and loopback wedge error might be seen. PR1645431

  • The Routing Engine mastership might not transfer on each rpd crash. PR1645611

  • Junos OS Evolved, disable operational commands. PR1646617

  • CmInfra: Changing error severity does not work on FRUs managed by Routing Engine (like SIBs on PTX10008, FPCs on PTX1003 or TX10001-36MR.). PR1647282

  • MAC learning might not happen on Junos OS Evolved PTX Series platforms. PR1647332

  • PTX10003 is unable to forward traffic after the Layer 2 topology change. PR1647560

  • High inter-packet delay and throughput performance degrade for Packet Forwarding Engine sensors. PR1648133

  • Junos OS Evolved adding configuration hash-key family inet layer-4 disables inet Hash-key Protocol. PR1648156

  • Firewall counters might not increment for a longer time. PR1649324

  • PTX10008: Junos OS Evolved : SyncE clock hold-off-time configuration does not work due to incorrectly computed timer value. PR1649358

  • [CCL] debug-collector does not collect backup Routing Engine logs when SSH root-login configuration is set to deny. PR1649647

  • HTTP or HTTPs as the tranfer for gnoi based remote file transfer is not supported. PR1650828

  • The BFD session might flap in some scaled system with churn. PR1651473

  • An error might be seen when the member link on an aggregated Ethernet bundle is deleted. PR1651932

  • The rpd agent crash might be triggered after the interface flap for the backup Routing Engine. PR1652595

  • P2MP traffic loss might be seen when link protected LSP reverts to the primary path. PR1652651

  • DCF8: PTX10008: EVPN VXLAN intra-VLAN known unicast traffic flooded due to MAC installation failure on Packet Forwarding Engine. PR1652876

  • PTX10008 Junos OS Evolved : show snmp mib get CLI returns incorrect value on jnxLED MIB OIDs. PR1654455

  • The pkid core file is seen and can see interfaces lost. PR1655949

  • The evo-aftmand-bt crash might be observed on Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1657532

  • The rpd might fail on backup Routing Engine on Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1657797

  • The packetio might generate core file when router reboot or FPC reboot is triggered. PR1658839

  • The license might get out of sync between primary and backup Routing Engines. PR1658869

  • PTX10008 Junos OS Evolved : hwdre core file is generated after Routing Engine switchover. PR1659377

  • The BGP session might be flap on Junos OS Evolved platforms. PR1660805

  • Channelized interface might go down if low-light-alarm or low-light-warning is enabled. PR1661215

  • PTX10003 load balance v4_dscp and v6_dscp is enabled by default. PR1665131


  • The IPv6 default route might not take an effect in the global instance. PR1642576

  • Configuring family MTU explicitly on an interface may cause host traffic to drop. PR1654140

  • Traffic drop might be seen due to slow TCP reestablishment after a topology change. PR1661210

Interfaces and Chassis

  • PTX10003 evo-aftmand process sees memory increasing linerally over days. PR1615000

  • The snmp walk on jnxLEDTable fails on PTX10003. PR1620398

  • Some daemons might get stuck when snmpd is at 100% CPU utilization. PR1636093

  • [PTX10003] SSD DGM28-B56D81BCBQ || RE 0 SSD Primary minimum supported firmware version mismatch. PR1654762


  • IS-IS BFD sessions might take a long time to recover when the interface flaps. PR1593959

  • LDP protections paths might not be established when auto-targeted-session knob is deactivated and activated. PR1620262

Network Management and Monitoring

  • Configuring set system no-hidden-commands blocks or denies netconf or junoscript sessions. PR1590350

  • False traffic spikes seen on SNMP graphs when ifHCOutOctets or ifHCInOctets are used. PR1635958

  • The babeltrace core file might be triggered in a rare condition. PR1637992

Routing Protocols

  • The BGP route might still be present in the multi-path route after increased IGP cost. PR1643665

User Interface and Configuration

  • The addition or deletion of the gRPC configuration might cause a memory leak in the EDO app. PR1619974

  • Passwordless authentication successful for configured user even after deleting ssh public key details from user login hierarchy. PR1625032

  • [passive_monitoring] [monitoring] : PTX10008 :JDI_FT_REGRESSION: LAZURITE :: We observe configd object-info anomalies at net::juniper::config::interface::IFDCEtherOptionsCommon. PR1643192

  • CCL:NGPR: configd core file during configd app restart test. PR1658688