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Open Issues

Learn about open issues in Junos OS Evolved Release 22.2R1 for PTX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS Evolved defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • The fabsopke-fchip core file can be seen if fabsopke-fchip restarts and sibs go offline simultaneously. Any previous alarm does not get cleared. PR1525577

  • Sflow ingress sampling reports incorrect OIF and NH with MPLS traffic (MPLS-IPV4/MPLS-IPV6 with ECMP and Ultimate Hop Pop(UHP) ) on the egress node. PR1602448

  • 10,000 Term ISF filter (with or without fast-lookup filter configuration statement) with a set of add or delete ISF events leads to an evo-aftmand core file. This is not an FFT crash as the filter is programed in FLT (hence a baseline issue). PR1610506

  • The linux kernel in Junos OS Evolved puts an autoflowlabel on every IPv6 packet. This flow label is transparent to daemon process, which uses a null value for it and calculates the NH details. Packet Forwarding Engine however takes the flow label into account and calculates the NH details. This difference in calculation of NH details leads to a mismatch in the path the packet takes to the destination and can cause traceroute to fail. PR1618406

  • In some reload scenarios, an alarm Major Application config-sync fail on node Re1 indicates config-sync failure, that can cause configuration mismatch. Work around : Restart the service from CLI using the command restart config-sync when the alarm is cleared. PR1629952

  • PTX10001-36MR: 400G ZR-M 740-131169 modules do not come up in odd ports due to crossing temperature threshold which results into optics shutdown. Manually configuring fan speeds to 100% does help in bringing the optics up. PR1631279

  • The workaround is to deactivate or activate auto-rp configuration on PTX10003-80C and PTX10003-160C. PR1634982

  • System reboot or boot up with traffic could result in init time fabric link crc errors and cause traffic drop.PR1635178

  • The issue is 400G-ZR/400G-ZR-M optic transceiver firmware upgrade failure. It is a generic issue faced across all single RU platforms supporting QDD-400G-ZR/QDD-400G-ZR-M. PR1638284

  • Physical LED status is functioning as expected; However, the MIB state reflection of the physical LEDs is not as expected. PR1642816

  • All the leafs under backplane-facing-capacity is exported per Packet Forwarding Engine or Fabric Packet Forwarding Engine ASIC. A component is identified with key /components/component[name] for consumed-capacity leaf, component name can be either PfeE name or FabricPfeE name. For all other leafs, key is always with FabricPfeE name. PfeE name example: /Chassis[0]/Fpc[0]/Pfe[0] FabricPfeE name example: /Chassis[0]/Fpc[0]/Fchip[0]]. All other leafs are exported with FabricPfeE name as key. Key Example: (only for consumed-capacity) kv { key:__prefix__, str_value:/components/component[name='/Chassis[0]/Fpc[0]/Pfe[0]']/ } On release 22.2R1-EVO onwards "consumed-capacity" and all other leafs will be exported with FabricPfeE name as key. Key Example: (For all leafs) kv { key:__prefix__, str_value:/components/component[name='/Chassis[0]/Fpc[0]/Fchip[0]']/PR1648354

  • Next-header match in IPv6 firewall filter does not work as expected. Next-header matches the payload-protocol (last-header) on Junos OS Evolved PTX Series platform. PR1648864

  • Filter is not hit, after trying to program unsupported combination of match types in filter configuration.PR1648923

  • Junos OS Evolved: PTX10003 : Unsupported bit-op-type message seen for tcp flag match - "(syn & ack) !(syn & ack & rst)". PR1649253

  • Sensors under /components/component/integrated-circuit/backplane-facing-capacity/state/ are not exported in UDP through WAN port but exporting through management port works. PR1649876

  • PTX10008: Link fails to come up with broken DOM after channelization. PR1654590

  • When the 2x100G channelization is configured on the interface, and we have a ZR-M plugged into that port, when a hotswap is done with a 2x100G LR4, the LR4 does not come up. The port can be set to unused and then the unused configuration can be deleted to bring the LR4 links up. PR1655180

  • When disabling or removing warm standby configuration and enabling or adding NSR, split these into two separate configuration commits.PR1655249

  • Multiple rewrite rules aggregate Ethernet: (mpls-any and mpls-inet-both-non-vpn are NOT supported on PTX running BT ASIC). The order of applying the rewrite rules is not correct. The non-VPN rewrite rule is getting effect for the VPN traffic - See pt/cos-rewriting-mpls-and-ipv4-packet-headers.htmlPR1655653

  • In Junos OS Evolved PTX10001-36MR, LC1201 and LC1202, for a normal-mode scheduler (without strict-priority-scheduler in TCP), priority medium-low should map to hardware priority medium (same as priority medium-high).PR1656837

  • Error logs from rpd/kernel corresponding to JSR backup registration failed might be observed during extreme scenarios of rpd restart etc. The issue is benign and self recovers with no impact expected on the connection or traffic. The right fix of the issue is in the latest primary branch but it cannot be backported as there risk associated with the fix complexity. PR1660685

  • For ONDATRA test case which tested this with different network-instance names - default test is failing. For test to pass, use network-instance names - default.PR1662999

  • GNOI API SetPackage through remote download is not supported. PR1665185

  • On the PTX Junos OS Evolved platforms, MVRP enabled trunk ports with xSTP configured might go into blocked or designated state if the peer connects to the interface has no VLANs configured in its trunk port. PR1666921

  • On a platform running Junos Evolved Software, SNMP GET for FPC MIBs might intermittently return "0" instead of the real value. PR1668285

  • Default DDOS rate limit for LLDP packets is 20,000 PPS on PTX10003-60C, and on PTX10004 or PTX10008 or PTX10016 system with JNP10K-36QDD and JNP10K-4Q56DD-32Q28 line cards. PR1671196

  • Firewall rule configuration of lo0 interface with option next-header on the egress direction is not supported. Configuring it could causes drop of other protocol traffic. PR1672315

  • With system configuration-database extend-size feature enabled, the configuration validation fails during upgrade or downgrade or rollback to Junos OS Evolved 22.2R1 image, whereas if no-validate option is used during upgrade or downgrade or rollback to Junos OS Evolved 22.2R1 image (with system configuration-database extend-size feature enabled), then system goes to amnesiac mode. PR1672348

Interfaces and Chassis

  • PTX10003: Sometimes 400G-ZR link does not come up when changed to channelized mode. PR1646915

  • PTX10003: Link fails to come up on one of the channel in channelized mode after tuning. PR1656547


  • When using a source IP address as the management interface (with RPF check set to strict on interface), the response for the ICMP ping from the peer on the management interface is dropped by the Linux kernel as it expects the path to the peer to be on the WAN side. PR1498255

  • Device can panic with vmcore under high memory pressure situations when kernel memory allocation fails on memdup_user(). PR1646610

Network Management and Monitoring

  • When maximum-password-length is configured and user tries to configure password whose length exceeds configured maximum-password-length, error is thrown, along with error ok tag is also emitted. (Ideally ok tag should not be emitted in an error scenario.) The configuration does not get committed.PR1585855

  • The mgd can crash when an invalid value is configured for identityref type leafs/leaf-lists while configuring Openconfig or any other third-party YANG, problem happens with json and xml loads. PR1615773

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • On Junos OS Evolved platforms, the unsupported configuration of BGP flow spec interface-group exclude might lead to errors and Packet Forwarding Engine corruption which does not permit filter bind. PR1639391

User Interface and Configuration

  • Configuration archival (transfer-on-commit) over FTP protocol does not work in Junos OS Evolved. The reason is: internally a FreeBSD utility (fetch) is used to transfer the archived file. Junos OS Evolved is based on Linux and the fix or solution is to use a utility (cURL here) that is present in Linux.


  • For an OpenConfig interface, if a matching interface-range is configured, then the deletion of that OpenConfig interface does not take effect. The workaround for this is - do not use interface-range configuration for OpenConfig interfaces. PR1637381