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Resolved Issues

Learn about the issues fixed in this release for ACX Series routers.

For the most complete and latest information about known Junos OS defects, use the Juniper Networks online Junos Problem Report Search application.

General Routing

  • The cfmd process might generate core files in the logs if you configure the CCM configuration from the aggregated Ethernet interface IFL to the physical IFL in a single commit. PR1612212

  • Multicast traffic drop might be seen if you enable the IGMP snooping for VLAN. PR1628600

  • Late drops are not at par with PN configured. PR1630724

  • On ACX710 and ACX5448 devices, a PE device stops forwarding Layer 3 VPN traffic after core-facing link flaps. PR1635801

  • The ARP request packets might be sent out from ACX device without the VLAN header. PR1638421

  • KRT queue entries gets stuck during the Routing Engine switchover when the backup RPD is not ready. PR1641297

  • On ACX5448 devices, high priority packets might be dropped. PR1642187

  • On ACX5448 devices, attributes gets displayed as Unknown_Attribute while verifying smartd parameters. PR1643542

  • On ACX5448 devices, reboot reason is not as expected. PR1643781

  • The copper ports on ACX5448 deviced might go down if loaded with copper SFP. PR1643989

  • Traffic might silently get discarded in the MPLS scenario with explicit-null. PR1646097

  • The swap-pus or pop-swap VLAN map operations on VPLS IFL might not work. PR1648182

  • While sending BGP notification messages for RFC 8538 HARD RESET, the data portion sometimes is not present. PR1648479

  • If a firewall has a log action and it gets applied on the physical interface or lo0, the LDP cannot go up. PR1648968

  • The BGP Sensor /bgp-rib/afi-safis/afi-safi/ipv4-unicast/loc-rib/ are not available as a periodic sensor. PR1649529

  • Due to the MAC learning limit being exceeded traffic drop might be observed in the MC-AE scenario. PR1653926

  • The LDP sessions might flap in the VPLS scenario resulting in Packet Forwarding Engine errors. PR1654172

  • The l2circuit backup might not get reverted to primary in rare condition. PR1661802

  • On ACX5448 and ACX710 devices, the transit traffic drops for BGP-LU (Border Gateway Protocol-Labeled Unicast) prefix when the BGP-LU label routes has ECMP (Equal-Cost Multipath) forwarding path. PR1663563

  • On ACX710 devices, the following log related to resources gets reported after you deactivate or activate EVPN RI multiple times : ACX_BD_ERR: dnx_bd_alloc_l2_svlan: System reached L3 IFL and BD limit(12286) PR1670683

  • RIB and PFEs gets out of synchronization due to a memory leak caused by interface flaps or route churn. PR1642172

  • Traffic might drop on the interfaces using copper SFP after reboot. PR1645396

  • HTTP(S) file download becomes nonresponsive over EVPN-ETREE. PR1653531

  • Shutting the CE interface and bringing back up causes traffic (going towards the core) to drop. PR1667724

  • LLDP neighborship might fail if the chassis-id format of the LLDP packet is xx:xx:xx:88:8e:xx. PR1669677

Network Management and Monitoring

  • The snmpd process might generate core files with the filter-duplicates configuration. PR1669510

Platform and Infrastructure

  • The vmxt_lnx process generates core files at topo_get_link jnh_features_get_jnh jnh_stream_attach. PR1638166

Routing Protocols

  • IPv6 Inline BFD sessions goes down when neighbor does not get resolved. PR1650677

  • Routing Process Daemon (rpd) crashes and restarts when a specific timing condition is hit with BGP configuration. PR1659441