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Resolved Issues: 22.1R1

General Routing

  • IS-IS over Layer 2 circuit does not come up if the encapsulation is translation cross-connect. PR1590387

  • On PTX10001-36MR platforms, inconsistency occurs in the platform name used in multiple places, version, and snmp mibs. PR1597999

  • FPC does not become fully offline after the FPC BAD_VOLTAGE fault gets reported. PR1602556

  • MACsec session might be dropped due to one way congestion. PR1611091

  • The FPC 0 Major Errors alarm might be generated on PTX10002-60C device due to a rare timing issue. PR1613229

  • VCCV for LDP signaled pseudowire goes down periodically on PTX10008 and PTX10004 devices with Junos OS. PR1615419

  • The rasdaemon processes memory leak gets triggered by hardware memory errors on the VMHost platforms. PR1615488

  • On PTX10008 and PTX10016 devices, 90 percent traffic gets dropped when the number of Switch Interface Board (SIB) plane gets reduced from 4 to 3. PR1615942

  • Slow memory leak (32 bytes each time) of rpd might occur. PR1616065

  • Memory leak might be seen when you configure LLDP. PR1617151

  • Unexpected Routing Engine switchover might be observed. PR1617720

  • Performance of Jflow service might be impacted on PTX platforms. PR1617932

  • Traffic loss might be observed with some MPLS labels in the multipath BGP scenarios. PR1618507

  • The /interfaces/interface/subinterfaces/subinterface/state/counters not exported during initial sync for on-change. PR1620160

  • ZTP does not work properly on PTX platforms if an EX device is used as a DHCP server. PR1621987

  • The mcontrol might frequently miss keepalives from backup routing engine. PR1624623

  • Tunnel interface statistics displays incorrect values when jflow sampling is enabled. PR1627713

  • EAPol packets over l2circuit might get dropped at the tunnel start. PR1628196

  • On PTX platforms, the ddos-protection protocols group ARP counters does not show correct values. PR1629097

  • [interface] [snmp-trap] ptx10002-60c : :: SNMP Trap message for fpc restart, shows as FRU removal instead of Fru Offline/Fru Power off. PR1629738

  • Multiple link flaps and traffic might be lost on the links. PR1630006

  • The rpd process might generate core files with warm-standby configurations due to reference counting issues. PR1631871

  • SPMB might crash immediately after a switchover. PR1637950

  • Traffic over conditional metric enabled LSP might get blackholed. PR1643587

Interfaces and Chassis

  • [VALE] [USB-Upgrade] JDI_REG_TPTX_REGRESSIONS::The FPCs are not online with USB upgrade from 21.3R1.9 to 21.4R1.11. PR1637636

Layer 2 Ethernet Services

  • BFD hold-down timer does not work properly when you configure LAG. PR1616764

  • The aggregated Ethernet interface remains in the Up state instead of Down state on deleting the loopback and aggregated Ethernet interface IP on neighbor while verifying BFD sessions on router. PR1640240


  • IPv4 prefixes might be associated into both IPv4 and IPv6 LDP database after Routing Engine switchovers. PR1611338

  • The RPD might crash due to reference count leak in routing table metrics. PR1615001

  • Unexpected traffic loss on LSP headend might be observed when downstream IGP metric changes. PR1625438

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

  • Filters in openconfig acl execute terms in the order of their definition and not based on sequence-ids. PR1621620

Routing Protocols

  • Delay occurs in adding or removing static routes from the router. PR1612173

  • Undesired protection path might get selected for some destination prefixes. PR1614683

  • The rpd might crash and restart when you enable NSR. PR1620463

  • Aggregated Ethernet interface might send or receive traffic through child link even though the BFD status is client in the hold down state. PR1624085

  • The rpd dump file might be seen while processing the BGP updates. PR1626717

  • The rpd might crash after clearing IS-IS database. PR1631738

  • The BGP route might still be present in the multi-path route after increased IGP cost. PR1643665

User Interface and Configuration

  • Not able to delete Linux core using CLI file delete /var/core/*/vmcore*. PR1624562